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Volume Mailers Can Save 30% on Postage with New USPS Promotion

Promotion to offer credits for volume increases in CY 2024

Direct marketers looking to leverage the ROI of mail in 2024 now have extra incentive to boost mail volumes: a whopping 30% postage discount! The USPS filed the proposal with the Postal Regulatory Commission in August, and if approved, the discount will apply as of Jan 2024.

The discount is in the form of postage credits for incremental mail volume next year (January to December 2024) versus what a direct marketer mailed in USPS fiscal year (FY) 2023 (October 2022 to September 2023).

There are two ways to earn the credit; the First-Class Mail Growth Incentive can only be used for future mailings of qualifying First-Class Mail pieces. Credits from the Marketing Mail Growth Incentive can only be used for future mailings of qualifying Marketing Mail pieces.

If a marketer mailed less than 1 million pieces in 2023, any quantity over 1 million pieces qualifies for the 30% discount in 2024. If the mail quantity was over 1 million pieces in 2023, any quantity that exceeds that 2023 amount would then qualify for the discount in 2024.

This credit incentivizes direct marketers to shift spend to mail for 2024 to reduce cost per piece and increase ROI.

To take advantage of the 2024 postage discounts, schedule your free direct mail audit with our mail experts to learn what is right for your business.

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BY PRISMAOctober 6, 2023

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