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The ultimate guide to streamlining your marketing supply chain

dokshop uses technology to power your brand’s print, collateral, signage, branded apparel and more 

Dokshop Overview 

The key to excelling in your markets is understanding how to make your brand work for you. In the last decade, how we market to consumers and the tools we use to market to them have shifted. We live in a technology-driven world, which means businesses must adapt and invest in technology to remain successful. Dokshop makes it easy to access and personalize your marketing collateral in one place. 

  • Enables brands to focus on their growth, not the pain of brand management.  
  • Allows your organization to unify branded items, streamline operations, and increase efficiency.  
  • Consolidates vendors which saves both time and money.  
  • Customizable data analytic and reporting capabilities to track spending. 
  • Adaptable technology solution that supports your company’s growth.  


Brand Management at Scale  

Managing multiple vendors at one time can be time-consuming. By utilizing dokshop and Prisma’s robust production platforms, you can consolidate your print, large format, promo, and apparel vendors into a single online platform. Many companies have separate vendors for HR materials, marketing materials, apparel, events, and employee swag. This process makes ordering items a longer and more complicated process.  

Common issue: One marketing executive is responsible for creating content, ordering materials, and dispersing the materials. Each of these tasks often takes a significant amount of time which slows down your go-to-market strategy. 

Solution: With all branded items in one place on dokshop, employees can access their own items as they need them. With employees being able to manage their own materials, it increases the speed of delivery. It also allows marketing leaders to focus on more important tasks. 

Advantage: With Prisma’s bi-coastal footprint and four facilities across the country, you have access to 2-day ground shipping to 90% of the U.S. This ability enhances the process of managing your brand and grants each employee and location the responsibility and oversight of its marketing materials and branded items. 


Data Analysis 

At the end of each fiscal year, marketing leaders often find themselves trying to identify where their budget went. Budget allocation is crucial when planning for the following year’s initiatives. Dokshop’s custom-built data analytic tools ensure you have the insights you care about most. 

  • Diverse types of information in real-time. 
  • Procurement, reporting, and accounting insights. 
  • Track expenditures, identify areas of optimization, and gain a clear understanding of your financial landscape.   
  • Knowledge of what resources are in inventory, where they are located, the price, and the time it will take to ship in one location.  
  • Supplier relationships are in one place, allowing you to optimize costs and save time.  
  • Builds reports showing which materials are purchased the most and who is purchasing them. 
  • Transparency and accuracy in financial reporting. 
  • Budgetary allocation and expense reconciliation in one location. 


Employee Automation 

Dokshop’s employee automation tools can significantly enhance various aspects of business operations, particularly in the areas of user experience, ownership capabilities, and personalization. Dokshop ensures brand consistency, enhances materials management, and is easy to use.  

  • Budgetary and inventory controls. 
  • Adjustable approval triggers. 
  • Show/hide different store views to specific users. 
  • Multiple payment options. 
  • Each location can manage its own materials. 
  • Oversight of locations maintaining brand guidelines. 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Autonomy for users with clear boundaries. 



In the employee automation section, we mentioned dokshop’s ability to show/hide different store views to specific users across your organization. This ensures employees do not go rogue when ordering materials and that they only have access to store-specific items.  

  • Users across your organization have different capabilities. 
  • Acknowledges the diversity of users within your organization. 
  • Various capabilities are based on their user categorization. 
  • Streamlined approval process. 
  • Group permissions allow you to categorize users on their roles and responsibilities. 
  • Enhances control and security in the approval workflow. 


Print Production 

Dokshop enhances your speed of efficiency when it comes to print production. By having all your print materials online, they are more easily accessible and can be produced and delivered in 2 days.  

  • Print items in bulk and warehouse at Prisma’s closest location. 
  • Readily available supply of printed materials.  
  • Print-on-demand for items with unpredictability. 
  • Reduces waste and provides flexibility. 
  • Eliminates pre-press time going straight from technology to production. 
  • More agile and responsive workflow. 
  • Approve proofs online for variable data pieces. 
  • Reduces exchanges back and forth. 
  • Minimizes shipping costs and reduces delivery times. 


Customizable Collateral 

Dokshop’s capabilities allow you to do more than manage print production. With all of your collateral in one place, you can edit variable data pieces in dokshop, review a proof, and approve it in real-time before you print. This allows variability for people, locations, and multiple brands within one organization. 

Customizable Print 

  • Easily edit text on printed piece  
  • Different sizing options  
  • Location/ branch personalization 
  • Personalize creative pieces from approved uploaded images 
  • Signage with specific locations 

Customizable Promo 

  • Branded merchandise  
  • Tailor promotional materials to specific campaigns or events 
  • A diverse selection of high-quality items 
  • Vendors across the U.S. 


Same-day Shipment 

By storing pre-printed collateral in one of Prisma’s 4 locations, you have access to same-day shipping. This allows for quick retrieval and dispatch of materials as soon as orders are received.  


Diversify Your Deliverables 

By keeping both internal materials and marketing materials in one location you save time and ensure speed of delivery. It allows your HR team, your marketing team, and individual users access to the items they need most. Dokshop also has the capability to store all your digital items like social media graphics or branded backgrounds for video conferences. By having a variety of deliverables in one place, you ensure each user can share and elevate your brand with physical items as well as on digital platforms.  

  • Internal materials like training books, HR documents, and uniforms/scrubs. 
  • Marketing materials like flyers, brochures, and promotional items.  
  • Digital materials like social media banners and video conference backgrounds. 


Inventory Management 

  • Real-time tracking of items that are in the warehouse. 
  • Accurate and up-to-date information on stock levels. 
  • Efficient inventory management. 
  • Inventory reporting and low inventory alerts. 
  • Comprehensive inventory reports. 



With dokshop, you have a dedicated team of dokshop experts to guide in the development and enhancement of your site. Once your site is launched, you have a specific individual assigned to your account so you can feel certain they understand your organization, team, and your needs regarding dokshop.   

  • Personalized support that enhances communication. 
  • Ease of adding latest items and editing items. 
  • Ease of adding new users or removing users. 
  • Streamline administrative tasks. 
  • Empowers users to maintain and update information autonomously. 



If you think dokshop is the solution for you and your team, click here to schedule a free demo. 

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