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Technology Stack

Prisma’s marketing technologies are automated, streamlined, and designed to increase speed to market

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Solve your toughest marketing supply chain problems with dokshop. Alleviate brand management pains by unifying branded collateral and managing inventory in a centralized, custom online storefront. Including vertical-specific tools for restaurants, healthcare, financial services, and other industries, custom integrations, and data reporting, dokshop enables all of your locations to efficiently control their branded collateral needs on-demand.

Features of dokshop include:

  • Fully customizable online ordering for all print, promo, signage, apparel, and digital assets
  • Permissions-based user functionality
  • Cost-center accounting
  • Menu management tools
  • Store profiling
  • Custom reporting and dashboards
  • Resizable and customizable templates
  • Automated approval processes and rules
  • Dynamic, responsive online proofing for digital and printed collateral
  • 2- day delivery
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Restaurants - Menu Management Tools

Streamline menu versioning with Prisma’s menu management technology. Dokshop reduces the risk for human error and saves you time by automating all management processes within your own customized storefront. With easily accessible menu versions, pricing, copy, and distribution information, you can ensure the correct versions will be delivered to the right locations at the right time. 

Custom Integrations and EDI

Electronic data interchange makes human intervention a thing of the past by automating processes and improving accuracy. Electronic communication allows your staff to concentrate on higher-value tasks and gain the tools they need to be more productive. Prisma supports custom integrations with real-time information, helping you save time and be cost-effective. 


Prisma Secure is an automated mail management system that is ideal for compliant, repetitive mail such as member communication, statements and billing. A dedicated team manages the system that has the highest-level of data security to accommodate healthcare and financial mail. An onboarding process sets up Prisma Secure per client to schedule a compliant data export from the client’s system, transfer that data to Prisma’s secure system, merge that data with approved templates, then print and fulfill each piece of mail. Prisma Secure also automates reporting such as audits and invoicing. Once established, Prisma Secure reduces the amount of data touches required to mail and also automates each mailing to increase speed to market.

Prisma ETA, which stands for Execute, Track and Analyze, offers multiple insights and programs to optimize direct mail. All automated direct mail is tracked through Prisma ETA, which allows each individual container and piece to be tracked with delivery notifications available upon request. Advanced reporting is available to demonstrate USPS performance by state, zip code and multiple other data points. Additional capabilities through Prisma ETA are: Informed Delivery, personalized QR codes, PURLs and the ability to coordinate other marketing channels with direct mail. By adding these technologies marketers have full transparency into tracking of landing page visits, links clicked and QR code scanned. This actionable data informs marketers to make better decisions that positively impact direct mail ROI.

Growth Modeling and Data Analytics

Data-informed marketing allows for faster decision-making and better insights into what your audience wants from your brand. Prisma helps you develop data-backed strategies that ensure you are targeting your audience effectively and increasing audience engagement. Through robust reporting, audience acquisition, lead generation, and creative execution, we enable your business to be growth-driven and more profitable.


DM360 is a marketing-based solution that allows you to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns while enhancing your results through the integration of digital platforms. Designed as an omnichannel marketing approach, your message is effectively shown to your audience multiple times on multiple platforms. DM360 offers seven technologies that drive exposure and engagement for your direct mail campaign, making it more likely for your audience to convert. 


Brands in Every Industry Rely on Prisma’s Technology-Enabled Marketing Solutions

Real Estate
Franchise Business
Prisma is a HIPAA-compliant partner with multiple security technologies to keep your organization’s data secure.
Manage your education or academic brand’s marketing logistics with ease and efficiency through dokshop’s integrated technologies.
SOC2+ certification ensures Prisma is able to help you grow your financial brand securely.
Dokshop helps eliminate the pain of your multi-location hospitality brands to ensure consistency and timely marketing deployment.
Menu Management technology from dokshop allows quicker launch times and on-demand changes with the click of a button.
Brand management and POP promotions are a breeze with streamlined technologies offered by Prisma.
Grow your company with tech-enabled marketing solutions from Prisma. Research, analyze, and target new audiences and get in front of them faster with programmatic direct mail campaigns and high-level data. Manage your marketing deployment from one place with dokshop, Powered by Prisma.
Dokshop, Powered by Prisma, is the technology solution to your franchise brand’s consistency and deployment pain. Keep your franchise marketing on brand and get it to market quicker by housing all collateral, promotional material, signage, and apparel from an online portal.

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Manage Collateral From One Place

Manually managing your printing orders, inventory and distributing them to your network of locations requires a complex supply chain management system. Dokshop™ allows you to consolidate it under one roof with a customized online storefront for your company that safely and securely houses all your marketing materials.

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