Prisma recognizes the value of a business environment that embraces individual differences, including those among our employees, customers, business partners and all others in the communities in which we operate. We are committed to creating and maintaining such an environment. This commitment is based upon the recognition and belief that diversity is critical to our ability to excel in an increasingly diverse and dynamic marketplace.

We promote and celebrate diversity throughout the company because we know it’s crucial to our future growth. Prisma respects and cherishes the distinctions our employees bring to the workplace, including diversity in race, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.

Supplier Diversity

Prisma’s supplier selection process is based on an inclusive approach that provides equal opportunity to all suppliers. We are therefore committed to growing commercial relationships with minority and woman-owned suppliers (MWBEs).

Additionally, our non-minority suppliers must share our supplier diversity commitment as an integral part of our relationship. This business approach will ensure that our supplier base consists of diverse ambitious suppliers who will contribute to the success of our business by providing unsurpassed goods and services. By expanding our MWBE relationships, we will continuously strive to secure the best suppliers for Prisma.

Our greatest competitive edge is the quality of our employees, evidenced by the excellent job they do every day.
Bob Anderson

Growing Partnerships

We are proud to partner with Hospitality Solutions Corporation (HSC) led by President and CEO, Sheldon Ross. HSC is a certified minority-owned and operated manufacturing and distribution company. Since 2003, they have been providing products and services to many top corporations across the United States.

Sheldon Ross is a seasoned professional with exceptional integrated communication and branding skills, with a proven track record and experience with global sales, marketing, product development, multi-channel print communications, and distribution. Sheldon’s expertise in minority supplier development and diversity has made him a highly respected professional across all industry verticals.
Their strategic alliance with Prisma has enabled HSC to develop, grow, and further help companies manage multiple brands. By utilizing our proprietary web-to-print software solution, dokshop, and graphics coordination capabilities, companies can easily customize marketing materials by whatever criteria necessary, all with a seamless interface.
With dokshop, Prisma has literally reinvented the marketing supply chain to bring a streamlined, end-to-end solution that makes it easy to design, customize, order, download, print, kit, ship, and even install marketing materials for one, or all locations.
I am honored to work with Prisma CEO, Bob Anderson, and his leadership team to provide extraordinary value to corporations across the world.
Sheldon Ross
CEO of Hospitality Solutions Corporation

Partnerships and Accreditations