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Brand Management Technology Streamlines B2B Marketing Fulfilment and Propels Growth

Enterprise brands need agile, responsive technology to power their marketing fulfilment or risk costly delays and errors.  Dokshop, Powered by Prisma is a single source, online portal for brand management that streamlines your marketing supply chain. This technology has transformed the role of Prisma from a traditional commercial printer to a complete marketing logistics provider.

Large clients with multiple locations and users benefit from the robust brand management tools dokshop supplies to optimize budgets, workflow, inventory management and user experience.

With dokshop, all of your users and locations have access to their print, promo, signage, apparel, digital assets and more exactly when and where they need it. Prisma combines the best in marketing logistics technology with the full power of more than 300,000 square-feet of manufacturing and warehouse space across our bi-coastal footprint.

Your brand’s time to market will decrease while the cost and complexity of your marketing spend will improve.

Dokshop is Prisma’s proprietary software, so your brand gets a customized portal that’s built precisely to meet the complexities of your business. Custom integrations to your procurement and accounting software can easily be managed with dokshop’s technology, giving you greater insights into cost-center accounting.

Store and location profiling are built right into the technology so user-based permissions are a breeze, and each user only has access to precisely what the brand prescribes. Brand standards are meticulously maintained, and instant proofs are available to ensure accuracy.

Benefits of dokshop for B2B brands:

  • Empower users to customize and create collateral while maintaining brand consistency
  • One portal for ALL print, signage, promo, apparel
  • Lower costs by consolidating and streamlining vendors


  • Secure – Customized user and group permissions
  • Automated approval rules
  • Digital downloads
  • Customizable kits and product bundles
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Track orders online
  • Real time inventory
  • Multiple payment options
  • Co-op and rebate programs
  • CRM and purchasing program integrations

More than 250 top brands benefit from the ease of managing their marketing supply through dokshop. With facilities in both Phoenix and Nashville, your brand’s projects can be shipped 2-day ground to more than 80% of the country.

Prisma also has the growth marketing resources your franchise brand needs to stay ahead of the competition. Pinpointing your ideal customer has never been easier with Prisma’s data analytics and direct mail solutions.

Get to know us and the innovative solutions we have provided our clients and partners by checking out our latest case studies. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask us!

Prisma has the technology, production power and knowledge to help you scale your franchise brand quickly.


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BY PRISMAOctober 3, 2023

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