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All Your Large Format Needs In One Place

What We Can Do

The better question is, what can’t we do?

Larger-than-life ideas need large format executions to drive interactions with your brand. Prisma can help you make stunning first and lasting impressions through impactful large format prints at near-offset quality.

  • Wallpaper and Lightboxes
  • Billboards
  • Wall graphics
  • Concrete graphics
  • Banners
  • Window graphics
  • Directional signage
  • Fence mesh
  • Vehicle wraps

Brands in Every Industry Trust Prisma for Print

Real Estate
Franchise Business
Hospitals and other healthcare locations use large format printing to accentuate their branding, inform patients and expand their advertising efforts at events and external spaces. With Prisma, you can create spaces inside your walls that make your patients feel comfortable and generate exterior assets that inform potential patients.
When it comes to education, especially higher ed, your success is determined by the number of students that enroll, making your external efforts extremely important. With Prisma, you can capture local prospective students’ attention with eye catching, large format graphics.
When it comes to banking, you’re not only selling services people can trust, you’re also selling an experience. Giving your financial institution a truly immersive, luxury experience includes stunning and durable interior wall prints and exterior signage that is enticing. Prisma can be your large format partner to help you curate branded interiors across locations.
From billboards to event signage to bedroom wall decor, professionals in the hospitality industry need to have tons of large format collateral to make their locations look and feel similarly. Prisma can help you accomplish all of your multi-location marketing needs to ensure effective brand management.
Restaurant chains often run major promotions across all locations and making sure that message is easily identified can be tricky. With Prisma’s large format window graphics and banners, each of your restaurant’s locations can locally share the news about exciting new promotions and menu items.
In retail, you are responsible for spreading the news of big discounts, new products, seasonal changes and more. Making sure each location has the resources they need to spread the word to their local market is tough. Prisma allows you to easily distribute important large format prints to each respective location.
Grow your company with tech-enabled marketing solutions from Prisma. Research, analyze, and target new audiences and get in front of them faster with programmatic direct mail campaigns and high-level data. Manage your marketing deployment from one place with dokshop, Powered by Prisma.
Dokshop, Powered by Prisma, is the technology solution to your franchise brand’s consistency and deployment pain. Keep your franchise marketing on brand and get it to market quicker by housing all collateral, promotional material, signage, and apparel from an online portal.

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Manage Collateral From One Place

Manually managing your printing orders, inventory and distributing them to your network of locations requires a complex supply chain management system. Dokshop™ allows you to consolidate it under one roof with a customized online storefront for your company that safely and securely houses all your marketing materials.

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