Our mission is to continually integrate environmental mindfulness in our company by focusing on three key objectives:
  • Offering green-alternative products and services to our customers
  • Implementing sustainable business practices and making our print processes more efficient
  • Encouraging employees and the community to support environmental stewardship
Although we’re proud of the practices we’ve implemented to protect natural resources, we recognize these are initial steps in a journey to becoming an industry leader in environmental stewardship.

Greener Products and Services

Prisma is a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified printer (FSCC023676) both in Phoenix and our new Nashville plant. We encourage customers to use FSC® paper which is produced, harvested and sold to support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

Sustainable Business Practices

Prisma recycles nearly 2,062 tons of paper, 185 tons of cardboard, and other materials each year, which saves:

  • Enough water to fill 21 Olympic-sized swimming pools
  • This represents a saving of 123,720 pounds of carbon dioxide a year
  • 35,054 trees a year
  • And saving 6,186 cubic yards of landfill space saved a year.

Sustainable Innovation

Prisma’s state-of-the-art presses utilize UV inks for production. The benefit of UV inks is that they have a lower environmental impact, don’t use solvents, and also produce lower emissions (Zero VOC) than conventional inks. These inks are dry as soon as the sheet comes off the press which eliminates the need for an overall coating as was done in the past.

Using a special web press dryer releases 100% clean air and reduces natural gas consumption by 30% over other dryers.

Prisma has partnered with Packsize to implement on-demand packaging that allows our company to produce shipping boxes in custom specs to eliminate wasted corrugated material. The result of this implementation has resulted in:

  • 19,566 pounds of carbon dioxide saved
  •  200+ trees saved

Other ways we’ve increased our commitment to the
environment include:

  • Implementing AC units and a custom ventilation system that uses 15% less energy than standard systems
  • Paper waste extraction system that pulls out cut off scraps of paper for recycling from the stitchers, Heat-Set Web and perfect binder
  • Using a special web press dryer that releases 100% clean air and reduces natural gas consumption by 30% over other dryers
  • Purchasing door mats made of 100% recycled tires and plastic water bottles

Our soy-based inks are VOC free, emitting none of the volatile organic compounds associated with traditional petroleum-based inks. Who knew printing could be so environmentally friendly and affordable?

When it comes to paper, we offer a broad variety of choices to help you achieve your goal of reducing the environmental impact of your printing. These options include papers with high recycled and post consumer waste content, as well as a variety of FSC or SFI certified papers that are composed of substrates obtained from renewable resources. In many cases, you can also choose papers that contain both recycled and renewable content.

You can also rest assured that while we are manufacturing your printed products, we maintain a strong commitment to recycling every waste by-product of our own activities, including paper, inks, cartridges, and packaging.

We use renewable energy through the Tucson Electric Power Company’s “Bright Solutions” program.

If your business needs carbonless / NCR forms, Prisma Tucson can help. We have multiple-part carbonless forms in stock for quick turn-.times. We can print your custom carbonless forms in black ink, number in red, and put your full-color branding on all every sheet.

We can customize each copy of our carbonless paper and NCR forms so you get exactly the detail you’re looking for.

Employee Engagement

Employees are encouraged and rewarded for carpooling, utilizing public transportation, and even biking to work, which have saved more than 1,000 commuter trips in 6 months.

  • Paper, plastic, aluminum, wood skids, and cardboard waste are collected and recycled
  • Employees are encouraged to bring recyclables to work if recycling is not offered at their residence
  • A company-wide power-down policy promotes turning off computers, lights, air conditioning and heating, and other energy consumption devices at the end of the work day.

Partnerships and Accreditations