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All Your Direct Mail Needs In One Place

What We Can Do

Prisma offers complete direct mail marketing services including direct mail, political mail, EDDM, mailing lists, mail tracking, Informed Delivery, lead generation, and more! Our secured lettershop protects your data and our state-of-the-art technology gets your message to mailbox with flawless precision. You can count on our expertise with postal regulations to avoid delays and eliminate unexpected costs.

We also offer our marketing-based solution, DM360, which allows you to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns while enhancing your results through the integration of digital platforms. DM360 offers seven technologies that drive exposure and engagement for your direct mail campaign, making it more likely for your audience to convert.

Prisma helps brands in every industry grow by offering a full spectrum of direct mail services in a streamlined approach, powering their Message to Market with speed, quality, and control.


DM360 is a marketing-based solution that allows you to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns while enhancing your results through the integration of digital platforms. Designed as an omnichannel marketing approach, your message is effectively shown to your audience multiple times on multiple platforms. DM360 offers seven technologies that drive exposure and engagement for your direct mail campaign, making it more likely for your audience to convert. 

                                         What is Direct Mail Marketing? 


Direct mail marketing is any form of physical communication that is delivered to a prospect’s or customer’s mailbox with the intent to gain their business. Companies can speak directly to their target audience by mailing postcards, letters, catalogs, or other printed materials.

Direct mail is used to engage consumers with an attention-grabbing design, concise text, and a clear call to action that encourages them to interact with a brand. Keep reading to learn why direct mail is a powerful tool to integrate into your marketing strategy.


Why is Direct Mail Effective?

Despite being in an increasingly digital world, direct mail is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Why is one of the oldest forms of marketing still so powerful today?

In terms of ROI, direct mail is unmatched. According to the findings from the 2021 Association of National Advertisers Response Rate Report, the average ROI of direct mail ranges from 85% to 112%, depending on the mail format. They found that letter-sized envelopes sent to prospect lists have the highest average ROI of 112%. This outperforms all other marketing mediums, including paid search and social media marketing, with an average ROI of 88% and 81%, respectively. With a stronger return than any other channel, direct mail is proven to be an effective marketing solution.

Direct Mail is Memorable

Direct mail is tangible, and in a digital world, each piece of mail is exciting and unforgettable. Sending a personalized mailer can also evoke an emotional response greater than other forms of direct marketing. A research study conducted by Epsilon found that 73% of consumers prefer direct mail as an advertising method because they can read the information at their convenience.

Direct Mail is Interactive

Direct mail has the power to take advantage of the human senses to create experiences that boost audience interaction. Incorporating coupons, digital integrations, and strong CTAs are all effective ways to boost response with direct mail. For example, a business sends a mail piece with a coupon that doubles as a fridge magnet. The recipient puts the magnet on their fridge and is reminded of their offer daily. These visual reminders finally prompt them to visit the store and use the coupon. By activating multiple senses with direct mail, your recipients are more likely to engage with your message.

Wider Reach

Everyone checks the mail, and because of that, direct mail reaches a larger audience than other forms of direct marketing. Mail reaches people of all ages and demographics, unlike email or social media channels, which may not be used by or are easily accessible to your entire audience.

Less Competition

Direct mail is less common because businesses are scaling back their physical marketing efforts in favor of digital marketing. This may not seem like a good thing, but it is quite the opposite! With fewer brands sending mail, your direct mailer has a better chance of standing out. The internet is full of marketing messages, and businesses have to compete for Google rankings. With direct mail, your message is guaranteed to reach your target audience.


Brands in Every Industry Trust Prisma for Direct Mail

Real Estate
Franchise Business
We know data security is a top priority. Because of this, we use the most effective encryption strategies available—from physical security to background checks and regular, third-party audits—to protect your clients’ information when mailing anything to your clients.
For higher education clients, your success relies heavily on your recruitment efforts. Due to the incredibly high ROI, direct mail is the ideal method of presenting incentives, leveraging alumni testimonials, and illustrating your school’s culture.
Sending statements, credit applications and new client documents can require a lot of resources, especially because online banking allows you to connect with people from anywhere. Prisma can unify your mailing efforts to make your process completely seamless. That’s why we ensure timely delivery that’s completely secure and is backed by our SOC2+ compliance.
The hospitality industry is highly personal and your mailing should reflect that. Creating customized notes to your direct mail allows you to separate from the more mundane mailers. Prisma can help you create and distribute mailers that both you and your customers will love.
Direct mail allows you to have a targeted and tangible touchpoint with your customers. Prisma can take this off your plate by sending invitations to happy hours or special discounts, so you can increase customers and profits.
Sending direct mail coupons and discount offers is a staple for the retail industry. For franchises, these campaigns can span the entire country making it necessary for you to partner with a company that has the resources to get your message to market fast.
Grow your company with tech-enabled marketing solutions from Prisma. Research, analyze, and target new audiences and get in front of them faster with programmatic direct mail campaigns and high-level data. Manage your marketing deployment from one place with dokshop, Powered by Prisma.
Dokshop, Powered by Prisma, is the technology solution to your franchise brand’s consistency and deployment pain. Keep your franchise marketing on brand and get it to market quicker by housing all collateral, promotional material, signage, and apparel from an online portal.

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Manage Collateral From One Place

Manually managing your printing orders, inventory and distributing them to your network of locations requires a complex supply chain management system. DokShop allows you to consolidate it under one roof with a customized online storefront for your company that safely and securely houses all your marketing materials.

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