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Prisma’s HITRUST Certification Ensures Secure and Compliant Healthcare Mail

Learn why choosing a HITRUST-certified mail partner alleviates the pain of sending compliant mail 

In the realm of healthcare communication, employing a HIPAA HITRUST certified mail partner offers an array of invaluable advantages. With the paramount concern of safeguarding sensitive patient information, leveraging such a partner ensures adherence to stringent regulatory standards, fostering trust and security within the healthcare ecosystem.


In 2023 alone, more than $4M in HIPAA violation fines were levied against healthcare agencies. This can oftentimes be tracked back to a compromised 3rd party vendor. The fines are only one data point. Loss of trust among your patients has lasting and significant damages. 

Utilizing a HIPAA HITRUST certified mail partner like Prisma guarantees compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This federal legislation mandates stringent measures for protecting patients’ personal health information (PHI) during transmission. By entrusting mail services to a certified partner, healthcare entities mitigate the risk of breaches and potential legal repercussions, thereby upholding patient privacy with unwavering integrity.

HITRUST certification elevates the security posture of mail handling processes to unprecedented levels. HITRUST, standing for Health Information Trust Alliance, signifies comprehensive adherence to industry-leading standards for information security and risk management. This certification signifies a partner’s commitment to implementing robust safeguards, encompassing encryption protocols, access controls, and rigorous data integrity measures. As a result, healthcare organizations can confidently transmit sensitive materials via direct mail, assured of fortified defenses against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Moreover, collaborating with a HIPAA HITRUST certified mail partner streamlines operational efficiency and enhances the overall patient experience. By entrusting mail services to a certified entity, healthcare providers can leverage streamlined workflows, expedited delivery, and enhanced tracking capabilities. This translates to prompt dissemination of vital healthcare correspondence, fostering seamless patient-provider communication and bolstering organizational agility.

In essence, embracing a HIPAA HITRUST certified mail partner emerges as an indispensable strategy for modern healthcare entities striving to uphold data security, regulatory compliance, and operational excellence. Through adherence to rigorous standards, fortified security protocols, and enhanced operational efficiency, such partnerships not only mitigate risks but also fortify the foundation of trust upon which the healthcare industry thrives.

Prisma has the experience, uncompromising data security, and infrastructure you can trust for your healthcare mail.


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BY PRISMAFebruary 19, 2024

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