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Using Pinterest for business

What is the first thing to come to mind when you hear the word Pinterest? Wedding ideas, latest trends and fashions, DIY (do it yourself) projects, and gourmet recipes may be a few common ones… but you probably didn’t think of analytics.In the late spring, Pinterest introduced its new web analytics platform for businesses. Prior to Pinterest analytics, many businesses relied on other sources, like Pinreach, to get a sense of how well their page is doing at reaching potential customers. With the new installation of analytics, you can see how many people re-pinned your original pin, what is currently trending and much more, all in real time. This new addition is ideal for a social media manager, allowing easy integration and comparison with other social media sites to gain more insight on your target audience.

Getting started with this new service is easy; you just need to have a verifiable website. If Pinterest has not verified your website, the process is simple. Click here and follow these steps to start exploring the analytics.

After your website is verified, click on the analytics tab in the upper right to see how people are interacting with your Pinterest page.

According to the Pinterest Analytics page you will be able to:

Analyze your pinning activity

Discover how many people are pinning directly from your website. Find out how many are actually seeing the information you pin and then clicking it to learn more.

Learn what pinners like

As a marketer you want to be in sync with your customer base. By using analytics you will have the opportunity to be more in touch with them; you will see which of your items gets re-pinned most, the specific users who pin it and what else they are re-pinning. With this information you can hone in on what your customers enjoy the most.

New to Pinterest? Learn more here about how Pinterest can impact your business. Check out Prisma Graphic’s Pinterest to stay tuned with our latest projects and appealing print media.

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BY PRISMAJuly 23, 2013

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