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The Arizona We Want 2.0

What elements bring about positive change? Through collaboration and positive thinking we can generate change that not only improves Arizona now, but also promises a bright future. Any person holds the power to determine what type of state we live in. A large contributor to this vision is the Center for the Future of Arizona who instituted The Arizona We Want project.

This project began three years ago when Arizona utilized Gallup polling to help form a sense of what is most important to our citizens. Today, they unveiled their newest report called “The Arizona We Want 2.0,” which highlights up to date statistics pertaining to various areas of our communities. Along with the statistical data in this report are goals and outlines on how to reach those goals for a better Arizona. To view this report, visit

Lattie Coor, the chairman and CEO of the center, emphasized the significance and measurability of these goals and how they backed with passionate thinking. In Sunday’s Viewpoints he announced the implementation of The Arizona We Want Institute, and supported “individuals and organizations from across the state to join with us in forming alliances” in effort to attain those goals.

Within this report you can learn more about what Coor refers to as “collective action” in areas like: education, job creation, environment, and water, infrastructure and health care. These areas seem to hold the most significance not only to elected official, but also to the citizens of Arizona.

As we move forward into 2013, be a part of the change in Arizona and help contribute to the vision of The Arizona We Want 2.0.

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BY PRISMAJanuary 24, 2013

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