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Self-install window displays for IHOP & Applebee’s locations



For restaurants with multiple locations, outdoor window promotions can be a challenge. Poor installation by untrained employees creates a negative image, but it’s not cost effective to hire a professional installer in each market. Clients like IHOP and Applebee’s have come to rely on window perforation material (affectionately known as “window perf” at our Phoenix printing warehouse) to solve this challenge.

Curious if window perf makes sense for you? Read on.

Window Perf FAQs

What is window perf?

Window perf is essentially a mesh adhesive with tiny pre-cut holes. Window perf can be installed on the exterior of a window so that your image blocks the view into the interior of the building, but when standing inside, you can see clearly to the outside.

Are there different types of window perf?

When wrapping vehicle windows, a 50/50 material is required, meaning 50% of the surface is holes. With a building window, a 60/40 material is used, with 40% of the surface contains holes.

How large can a window perf image be?

With tiling, there is no limit to size. Huge images on the outsides of Las Vegas hotels are typically window perforated tiles, installed professionally. With cutting edge grand format print technology, colors can be matched so accurately that the edges of each tile are undetectable from a distance

Are they easy to install?

Yes, window perf is quite simple to install. Peel off the backing, wet the material and stick it to the window. You can even use a squeegee or credit card to press it onto the window. With a wet surface, you can use your hands to slide the material to the desired area. And because of the holes, you’re unlikely to end up with wrinkles or bubbles.

How long will window perf last? And will it fade?

Window perf works well for outdoor applications for 1-3 years. Climate, and whether it faces into the sun can affect its longevity. For example, when printing in Phoenix vs. California, the California window perf will likely last longer. Red tends to fade faster, but fading doesn’t happen with outdoor materials nearly as severe as regular, indoor paper materials.

Is window perf easy to distribute to multiple locations?

Yes, it ships easily inside mailing tubes.

Anything else I should know?

Window perf works best when it fills the window from edge to edge. For specialty, contour-cut images, we recommend a different outdoor adhesive material.

To learn more about window perf or how printing in Phoenix can improve your business, contact your Prisma Graphic representative or visit our contact page.


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