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Prisma’s 3rd Annual Holiday Contest

It’s hard to believe we are already more than halfway through the month of January – the new year is flying! From all of us here at Prisma, we hope are having a wonderful start to 2016.

In 2013, Prisma’s Snowflake Contestkicked off a yearly holiday contest tradition. Clients created their most creative cut-out paper snowflake and submitted them to us for a fantastic prize.

In 2014, Prisma’s Snowman Contest got even more clients involved in spirited competition! Using 3 white Styrofoam balls and only office supplies, participants were challenged to create a Snowman and photograph the scene. The winners sent their snowman on a sunny, tropical holiday and won an ice skating party for the office.

This year’s theme: Get Vestive! As usual, we provide our clients with a fun way to impress us with their craftiness and creativity. We supplied life-size sweater vests printed on rip- and water-resistant paper from PaperTyger®. The only instructions were to create an ugly sweater vest for a chance to win a fabulous winter surprise valued at $500.

With over 50 entries, we had a fantastic response for our 3rd annual contest. We thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of entries with vests featuring the Kardashians, bananas, meat, creepy dolls, dinosaurs, the Coyotes and Cardinals, classic holiday décor, and much more.


The winner of this year’s contest is:Prisma’s 3rd Annual Holiday Contest

Dairy Council of Arizona:

Tammy Baker, Terri Verason, Pat Johnson, Colleen Bergum, Cindy Swansiger, Breann Bierman

Pat Johnson at the Dairy Council said they had a blast decorating as a group and it was a fun element to their workday leading up to the holidays. With all 6 submissions themed differently and as crafty as a scrapbook, they swept the competition! Congratulations, Dairy Council! We’ll be in touch soon with details about your prize.

The runner up is:  Prisma’s 3rd Annual Holiday Contest


The Arizona Pride Guide

With head-to-toe commitment to this wintery theme and an actual tree skirt-skirt that matches his icy blue vest decor, we couldn’t resist giving Michael McFall and the Pride Guides the runner up spot. Thanks for sharing the holiday spirit!


A few others we loved:

Mallory Knutson (NBAZ) nailed the 12 Days of Christmas all on one ugly sweater vest. We loved this creative caroling theme! Nicely done, Mallory.

Prisma’s 3rd Annual Holiday Contest

Dalia Gonzalez (Discount Tire) had the music-loving judges laughing out loud. Her vest featured two paper Grinches doing the whip/nae nae dance! Sounds like a party we’d want to attend.

Prisma’s 3rd Annual Holiday Contest

Cody Peck (Hospice of the Valley) went above and beyond with makeup, wig, and a vest covered top to bottom in Kardashians and luxury brands. Not the most wintery submission, but we laughed so hard we had to share this dedication with the world.




Amy Was (NBAZ) turned her vest into an advent calendar – complete with 25 windows to open leading up to Christmas day, each one revealing a Star Wars-themed holiday meme. Awesome idea to merge the holidays with the biggest movie of the season!

Prisma’s 3rd Annual Holiday Contest























Prisma’s 3rd Annual Holiday Contest


Brittany Baker and Julie TenBarge (UTI) created 2 coordinating vests featuring a  reindeer who has clearly been overindulging in holiday treats and spirit. With two hats-on-a-stick, too, we thought this was equal parts funny and creative! Thanks for the laugh,  ladies.




Thank you to all participants for your delightful holiday spirit and eagerness to be a part of this Prisma tradition. We hope it brought your workplace some extra joy this season. We’re already looking forward to next year!



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BY PRISMAJanuary 20, 2016

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