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Prisma pumpkin contest

The Prisma Halloween festivities were started by Helene Spangenberg 9 years ago. She started off by giving her office mates mini pumpkins and asking them to decorate them for their cubes, to liven up the area for Halloween. As an incentive, she offered candy to the employees who participated and awards for the best pumpkins.

There were about 10 – 12 entries that first year. We had a record 43 entries this year! Each entry was placed in one of our four categories: most creative, best carved, scariest, and best kids. Originally, Helene would be the one to set-up the contest, sign-up the participants to vote, create flyers, posters, participation awards and prizes. As of recent years, she has had help from her co-workers & Prisma for the mini-pumpkin & cash prizes. This year, she would like to thank the following for their help:

– Kara Powell for creating the artwork for posters, flyers, entry forms and ballots.

– Prizes: Rebecca Jimenez, Miriam Zemora, Nancy Broetje, Tahnee McVey and Amanda Houser.

– Setup/ Decoration: Claudia Ochoa, Amanda Swinton & Dan Powers.

– Lisa Kindree & Emily Grimm for ballot counting & prize distribution.

We can all agree that Helene has inspired Prisma to be creative.  Next year will be the 10th Anniversary of the event, which promises some extra special surprises…maybe even an album of photos from all 10 years!

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BY PRISMANovember 6, 2013

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