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Prisma celebrates 15 years of growth & innovation

Bob Anderson and Rod Granberry

2015 marks our fifteenth year in business with our current ownership team, and we have a lot of things to celebrate. First, when the original owners transferred the business to Bob Anderson and Rod Granberry, the company was $1 million in revenue and supporting 26 employees. After 12 months, annual revenue was $4 million, and today we’re a $35 million company with over 200 employees.anniversarybirthday

Second, we’re also celebrating 15 years since the creation of dokshop – our proprietary, make-your-life-easier technology solution. Our CEO, Bob Anderson, had a vision for Prisma when he and Rod purchased the boutique printing firm in 2000, and part of that vision was to leverage technology to revolutionize the printing industry and ultimately, increase speed to market for our clients. Bob had an idea: build a web interface and allow multiple contacts at each company to login, personalize and order branded materials. Today, dokshop has become the primary tool for over 200 companies and 40,000 users worldwide to manage their brand. Dokshop is customized to the needs of each company and many have described it as their “field marketing execution” platform; a way for a multi-location company to produce and distribute localized marketing materials and signage to each location – fast. We’re proud of our team and their innovation over the last 15 years.

As Bob reflected on the changes in technology in the printing industry, he shared this with me:

“At Prisma, we often find we already have technology in place to meet a new client’s needs, and simply need to customize it to their specifications. In the past, commercial printing clients would wait months for a vendor to custom-build a solution. These days, clients won’t wait; if you can’t deliver what they need immediately, they’ll go elsewhere.”


Dave Johnson and Bob Anderson

Third, and most important to Bob and Rod, is a celebration of our team members. Dave Johnson, pressman, has been with Prisma since it began in 1980, and we’re proud to have him 35 years later. A quarter of our 206 team members have been with Prisma for more than 5 years, and about half of those same folks have been with us more than 10. Longevity speaks to the culture that has developed under Bob’s leadership; one in which each team member understands the importance of the role they play in the execution of marketing programs for our clients.

The key to success

Bob was asked during a media interview last year to share his advice for business owners in growth mode.

“Be aggressive and strategic in your company’s evolution, while still staying true to its core mission. If you see the industry headed in a certain direction, ask yourself how your company is uniquely positioned to add value. Know where the industry is going, and get there sooner.”


Congratulations Bob, Rod and the Prisma team on 15 years of success.

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BY PRISMAMay 7, 2015

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