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Prisma annual pumpkin contest

Our annual pumpkin contest returns! And just as we’ve seen for the last 10 years, incredible hidden talents emerged from the Prisma team in the form of scary, creative, intricate and humorous pumpkins. Our contest rules are simple: one entry per person and you must have a real or synthetic pumpkin somewhere in your entry. All 218 employees cast ballots and the top 5 take home a prize.

The votes are in!

First place goes to: Rylie Ringoen

This giant-sized entry includes a garden pot, three real pumpkins, spray foam insulation, and a lot of creativity.

Second place goes to: Payton Ringoen

One real pumpkin, a hot glue gun, candy corn and whole lot of patience went into this work of art.

Third place goes to: SMCO marketing team



Fourth place goes to: Daniel Sabia


Fifth place goes to: Natalie Wagner


Honorable Mentions:

From Lore Greenwood:


From Vanessa Sandoval:

From Claudia Ochoa:

From Michael Webber:

From Ray Wagner:

From Lisa Harris:

From Kerry LaBatt:

From Tom Gorlewski:

From Roxanna Hernandez:

From Dora Quintero:


From Brenda Alvarado:


From Lydia Sandoval:

From Lucinda Sanchez:

From John Sanchez:

From Flo Fragala:

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BY PRISMAOctober 29, 2015

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