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Our digital print company advances the technology behind direct mail

Trendy marketing strategies always seem to have a rather short lifespan. Prisma Graphic, a veteran digital print company, has watched these marketing schemes come and go through the years, investing in various marketing platforms which many digital printing companies cannot offer. We’ve witnessed a select few marketing methods survive the test of time, continuing to garner profit and audience for those who employ them.  Direct mail, email blasts, radio and print marketing (commonly known as traditional advertising schemes) are unlikely to be categorized for their “high tech” attributes, but continue to be some of the most effective, profitable marketing tactics available to advertisers.

Social media and search engine optimization are the latest hot topics for many marketers. Although new marketing channels continue to become available, as a digital print company we’ve seen this progression before. And with our focus on measurable ROI, we’re not ready to count out direct mail just yet.

Direct mail is well established; it’s targeted, measurable, tangible, and personal. Most new marketing options look enticing, but it is important to also focus on what has proven results.

To stay competitive, companies strive to innovate and adapt to the changing marketplace. Innovation in many cases is great for the company and the end-user, so why not pursue new marketing outlets?

By all means it is important to test new marketing channels, but remember that in many cases traditional methods change and adapt as well. Just look at direct mail and its significant changes over the past decade. No longer do companies face uncertainty when mailing marketing materials, in hopes that it arrives on time. Now, companies are given a specific arrival date, means of tracking, and web applications that enable them to be connected with customer responses and statistical data. To top it off, direct mail companies can also send out a follow-up email, strategically timed based on mailbox delivery dates. Digital printing companies and the direct mail industry have significantly improved their process in handling client marketing campaigns, and clients are taking notice.

Although mailer tracking and statistical data have been around for some years now, the real significant change is the incorporation of follow-up emails. Now more than ever, current website content is important to appear relevant to the respondent.

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BY PRISMAJanuary 7, 2013

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