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No data is better than bad data

When it comes to direct marketing everything starts and ends with data. It’s safe to say that the data of your direct mail lists can make or break the success of a direct marketing campaign. Good mailing lists give you a shot at deploying a successful direct mail campaign.

But what happens if your company doesn’t have any data? You have no customer records, addresses or contact names. Nothing. Can you still deploy a successful direct marketing campaign? The answer is, Yes.

In many cases, no data can set you up for success better than relying on existing or old data.


No data, no problem. There are many ways to acquire new mailing lists and a couple of important things to consider.

1. What is the goal of the direct marketing campaign? Are you looking to introduce a new service to a new market or are you looking to generate sales leads for existing services or products.

2. What does your current customer base look like? Think about their age, their socioeconomic position and their locations.

After carefully considering the two items above, the next step is to consult a mailing list acquisition service. Data services can help you drill down and get into the details of the marketing data criteria. Selecting the right data acquisition service is essential. Your marketing campaign’s success lies in the balance, so please try to avoid the “5,000 names for $24.95” type of services. Acquiring new data for your company falls into the classic tale of “you get what you pay for.”

Whether you’re in the situation of no data or old data, it’s time to look at a mailing list acquisition service for new business. Start fishing in a new pond where you haven’t worn out your welcome. Although, the people on the new list may have never heard of your company, look at it as a way to expand your prospect base and create new opportunities.

With November’s acquisition of World Marketing – Phoenix, Prisma Graphic can easily help you with all your direct marketing list acquisition needs. Please call one of our Marketing Data Specialists at 602 243-5777 or via email, as we’re here to help.

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BY PRISMADecember 16, 2010

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