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Multichannel marketing campaigns: Direct mail

Multichannel marketing campaigns are effective in reaching clients and improving sales when executed effectively. As an important marketing channel, direct mail has some distinct advantages in multichannel marketing campaigns. Below are some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your direct mail in a multichannel marketing campaign.

1.       Experiment with the Message

One of the greatest advantages about direct mail is the low cost associated with production. In comparison, other marketing efforts can get pricey and even minor changes could cost you. Test out your mail with a few different approaches and analyze the results by measuring your call to action in the message. Sometimes all it takes is a little modification to get the results you want.

2.       Less is More

When sending out direct mail a good practice is to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. Even though you want to get out as much information as you can, if you were the recipient would you read a packed mailer? Instead of cluttering the direct mail piece, put just enough information on there to get the recipient’s attention. Once you have their attention, make the call to action clear; do they go to a landing page, social media sites, or your company website?

3.       Be Relatable and Sensible

A successful direct mail campaign is focused on its ability to relate to the consumer. Why waste time and money making a message that does not relate? When drafting your message, be sure to carefully analyze your target market and understand what they like and what they don’t like. By crafting a clear message that takes into account your consumers needs and wants, you will see a positive response rate.

4.       Call to Action.

Whether you are marketing a new product, building brand recognition, or trying to maintain relevancy in the marketplace, it is imperative to have a clear cut call to action on your direct mail piece. Make one key message known at the beginning and reaffirm that key message at the bottom. A great way to ensure that the recipient follows through on the call to action is to offer an incentive. An incentive could be a discount, giveaway, information of value, free gift or special deal.

5.       Maintain Brand Continuity

As a marketer you want your message to stand out amongst all other mail. To make it stand out the mail could be a special die-cut, embossed or foil stamped. As you try to make your mail piece unique always remember to stay within your brand’s standards. If your website is red and black with an Arial font, you shouldn’t have blue and yellow with a Calibri font on your direct mail. Keep it consistent, otherwise this could cause confusion for the recipients. It could also be seen as unrelated to the multichannel marketing campaign.

Although direct mail is just one part of a multichannel marketing campaign, it can have a great impact when implemented correctly. Contact Prisma Graphic to learn more about multichannel marketing campaigns, 602-243-5777.

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BY PRISMAOctober 22, 2013

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