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Letter from Bob Anderson, President of Prisma Graphic

smilyAs President of Prisma Graphic, I felt it important to take a moment and personally thank everyone who has contributed to our company’s ongoing success. More than ever, Prisma is moving forward as an industry leader in marketing services and commercial printing. Our long-term client partnerships have been the key to our evolution and we appreciate your continued support.

In general, Prisma has made tremendous strides this past year as the result of the hard work of many. We gained production-wide G7 certification to control color, deployed Prisma Exchange which now automates file transfers and soft proofing for roughly 100 of our customers, developed a critical data and facility security policy unmatched in our market, implemented a barcode system to improve inventory efficiencies and established flex employee schedules to cover demand.

Over the next year our plans include investing in more software development and equipment to better solve your key business issues. As a valued partner, it is our intention to incorporate the products and services that can help elevate your sales opportunities and ultimately improve your bottom line.

As always, we welcome your input and look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future.


Bob Anderson

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BY PRISMAAugust 31, 2010

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