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How SEO can benefit your company

Search engine optimization, often shortened to SEO, provides tangible value to more than just fulfillment companies like Prisma Graphic

(though SEO can certainly benefit your business if you do, in fact, represent a fulfillment company). Any and all organizations with an online presence can benefit from SEO – the practice of expanding and promoting a website.


While Prisma Graphic provides creative options to expand your consumer base conventionally, SEO can improve your online brand awareness. SEO improves a website’s search engine rankings in order to heighten online traffic across the site. The vast majority of new visitors to any website are referred there by search engines like Google and Bing, so SEO often greatly increases a company’s customer base.

If you consider your personal search engine usage, you probably follow normal search patterns: when you search for, let’s say, “fulfillment companies in Phoenix,” you’re probably only likely to visit the first several websites listed in the search results. If a website is after the first page of results, you’re highly unlikely to visit the page.  SEO tactics improve search engine rankings so more traffic comes to your site, ultimately growing your business and brand awareness.

SEO tactics are varied and continually fluctuating, but common SEO practices include changing the way content on the site’s pages is worded and how other sides link to you on the web. So whether your business is a fulfillment company, florist, or French restaurant, SEO can improve your visibility.

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BY PRISMADecember 18, 2012

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