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Employee spotlight : Kerry LaBatt

prisma graphicThe Prisma Graphic team have transformed the company’s focus of an exceptional traditional commercial printer into an effective online marketing supply chain provider that offers a host of products and services for their clients to operate more efficiently. Recognizing the need for clients to create and execute consistent branded marketing campaigns, while maintaining costs and maximizing their return on investment.

Every month we’ll highlight a different Prisma Graphic team member, so you can meet the individuals who are responsible for your company’s printed marketing and communications needs.


How Many Years Have You Worked At Prisma Graphic?
In a couple of weeks it will be six years.

What are the responsibilities of a Prepress System Administrator at Prisma Graphic?
It’s a diverse role. Primarily I maintain our Kodak Prinergy Prepress System and supporting hardware. This includes server/client software implementation and training, file management and workflow development and automation.

Other tasks on my plate include answering client file construction questions, supporting our B2C website, Print Power and assisting clients with Prisma Exchange – our Prepress web portal for file uploads and soft proofing.

How do you enhance the customer’s experience?
I’ve worked with a wide range of print products, from high volume educational books on heat-set web presses to point-of-purchase pieces on short run digital presses. The experience gained working with these products and different manufacturing methods allows me to offer ideas that might enhance our client’s experience. But, it’s not just me in Prepress. We have a team of experienced professionals that work together to come up with solutions. No matter the challenge, someone will have an idea that works!

What was the most satisfying moment working at Prisma Graphic?
There isn’t “one moment”. Prepress has evolved a lot over the years. I started out 22 years ago shooting camera-ready copy and stripping negatives. Through the years as Prepress transitioned from one technology to another I have helped find solutions to implement these changes seamlessly. I find it satisfying every time I am able to offer a solution that improves workflow or makes our client’s product look better.

What can you be found doing when not helping meet clients’ needs?
In my free time I can be found hanging out with my family and doing outside activities. We love to travel, cook, garden and do anything “art” with our daughters. Our family is about to grow as we complete an international adoption and welcome a daughter from Peru. I’m sure we’ll have some interesting travel stories after that! Also on my list of favorite things are hiking the beautiful ridges and canyons of Arizona, camping and mountain biking.

Thank you for your time Kerry. We appreciate your hard work to help make Prisma Graphic’s Prepress Department one of the best in the nation.

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[Prisma Graphic is a full-service, marketing solutions provider with an emphasis in commercial printing that specializes in online marketing supply chain management. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer service, we partner with clients to develop cost-effective programs that execute integrated brand campaigns and highly-targeted business communications. Our ongoing evolution is to deliver sales opportunities at the lowest possible cost.]

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BY PRISMAAugust 12, 2010

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