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Last week, we discussed different ways to tame your marketing budget. Another vital component to develop your marketing strategy is to adhere to solutions-oriented business tactics. Rather than focusing on the problem, it’s time to shift your focus to the solution. You’ll reach goals faster and your decision-making process will be a much more positive experience.





For example, let’s say you insert your key into your car’s ignition, turn over and all you hear is an obnoxious clicking sound as a result. Although your first thought may be “my car won’t start,” your brain is wired to immediately start thinking of solutions. You decide your top three options are to call AAA, text a friend for a ride, or bike to work. After thinking which solution will directly solve the dilemma, you call AAA and your car gets fixed. When it comes to your company’s problem-solving strategies, the same solutions-oriented thought process should apply.

shift gears

If you’re looking to cut costs, drive ROI, or increase the production level of your team, then change your point of focus. It’s time to break away from thinking about the negative and start asking yourself how you can improve. In fact, formulating questions that begin with “how” is a great place to start. For example, asking, “How can we boost ROI?” can be a thought-provoking alternative to dwelling on your last marketing campaign’s results. Thinking back to the car metaphor, devise your top options and analyze which solutions will directly solve the issue at hand. You can also bring in the help of a business strategist to help with this process.

accelerated solutions

When you’re looking to streamline your print marketing needs and cut costs, one option might be to utilize a web-to-print service called DokShop. You can edit stored documents or create new documents, such as sales handouts, all from pre-approved templates. After a document is edited or created, an on-screen proof is displayed. The proof can then be approved or instantly emailed to someone else for final approval. You will save money and time normally spent waiting for proofs and approvals.

Michelle Rykalsky, Marketing Coordinator at W Scottsdale, explained “it’s everything under one roof which makes my job a million times easier.” (Watch video)

fuel your strategy

With just over 30 years in the direct marketing business, our consultative, solutions-oriented sales approach is the key to our continued growth. We make a point to offer economical solutions that range from inline glue dot applications for folded mailers (opposed to wafer seals) to save hundreds of dollars, to multiple page spine-pasted products (opposed to staples) to save thousands of dollars.

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[About us: Prisma Graphic is a full-service, marketing solutions provider with an emphasis in commercial printing that specializes in online marketing supply chain management. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer service, we partner with clients to develop cost-effective programs that execute integrated brand campaigns and highly-targeted business communications. Our ongoing evolution is to deliver sales opportunities at the lowest possible cost.]

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BY PRISMAFebruary 9, 2012

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