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A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future


The Prisma book club recently finished a book by Daniel Pink called, “A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.” This book was interesting, having a variety of right and left brainers in the group. Below are some of the interesting facts covered in the book and opinions as to why Right-Brainers are significant.

Introduction to how the brain functions

-Once thought of as separate and unequal

-Left brain – analytical, logical

-Right brain – portion of the brain that humans no longer needed

The book discusses a neuropsychologist named Roger Sperry and how in the 1950’s he studied patients with epileptic seizures.

-Found that the right half of the brain was better at certain mental tasks.

-Right brain isn’t inferior to the left brain, just different.

-His research and work changed psychology and neuroscience forever

Betty Edwards, a California State University art instructor, helped popularize Sperry’s research

-Rejected theories that people aren’t artistic

-Focused on quieting the left brain to let the right brain function

Through advances in technology, researchers can track the right brain to validate its functions.

Four key differences in the 2 hemispheres:

  1. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body.
  2. The left hemisphere is sequential (reading). The right is simultaneous (interpreting faces).
  3. The left specializes in text (fact). The right specializes in context (implied).
  4. The left analyzes in the details. The right sees the big picture.

Each half is designed to work together, leading a happy, healthy life.

As abundance, Asia and automation are more common today, elements that appeal to the right brain are becoming more important and support right-brain thinking.

– Abundance – many choices, the smallest difference can make a big difference. Functionality is a given, small details get noticed.

– Asia – L-directed occupations are outsourced to Asia at a fraction of the cost. US programmer outsourced his work so he didn’t have to work.

– Automation – machines that replace humans

Four ages throughout history: Agricultural, Industrial, Information, and now Conceptual Age. This new age focuses on the creator and empathizer.

– MFA / MBA – less MFA being admitted than MBA. MBA seems to be the new “blue collar”

– IQ measures the L-Directed thinking but only accounts for 4 to 10 percent of career success

– High-concept, high touch abilities are hard to quantify, but are present in many leaders: humor, compassion, care

Hone the six high-concept, high-touch senses to succeed in the Conceptual Age


– Being merely functional is not enough

– Must serve needs and give meaning to lives

– Today in business, price and quality are a given, design can make the difference

– Can make it (BMW) or break it (Florida ballots in 2000)


– Easier to recall a story than fact

– Adds to the human experience

– Present in advertising to connect, stand apart from competition

– Connects how people fit it and why that matters


– Puts the pieces together, sees relationships and the big picture

– Focuses on connecting the dots and patterns that doesn’t happen with left brain ideals

– Capacity of synthesize rather than analyze

– Looks to combine two separate ideas into one


– Puts yourself in someone else’s shoes

– Allows us to work together

– Means of understanding others

– You can’t fake it


– Part of a successful balance

– Games allow the time for all ages, larger than the motion picture industry & enhance right brain abilities

– Humor can be effective in the workplace by reducing stress and hostility

– Happiness is conditional, joyfulness is unconditional  – it’s inside of you


This book touches on so much of what we do day-to-day. Our creative team has lived it for many years. Prisma Graphic has grown based on blending manufacturing with an exceptional customer experience. Whether it means providing pricing quickly or offering cost-saving options, customers need a partner who knows what they need now more than ever.

I see all of the senses consistently throughout customer service. Many times it involves the customer, but other aspects are behind the scenes. Even design comes into play on how a project or items are connected to move throughout the manufacturing process. Everyone needs to know how the items fit together to create the final piece.

Experience can strengthen these six senses. Generally, education is very individual. There is a gap between education and work. Most of the time, work is a team effort. There aren’t many instances when one person doesn’t have to rely on another during a work day, whether it is a customer or a fellow worker.

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BY PRISMAApril 25, 2013

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