Urban Electric’s The Current + Book Publishing

Bringing the Beauty of Charleston to Life When a global pandemic abruptly forced a perspective change, those at Urban Electric Co. were inspired to explore and appreciate their immediate surroundings. They published The Current Vol 3, which is a book that explores what it means to be home. Urban Electric, a custom lighting manufacturer based […]

Pueblo Mechanical + Vehicle Graphics

  A Unique Opportunity If your business has a fleet on the road each day, there’s no doubt you’ve considered the brand exposure of custom vehicle graphics as a marketing strategy. When branded, your vehicles become moving billboards for your brand! Pueblo Mechanical, a 20-year-old HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing company had a fleet of vehicles […]

Cannabis Packaging


Packaging Buzz: Generating Client Success in Cannabis Packaging The business of cannabis, CBD, and related products continues to grow at exponential rates. These companies’ packaging needs not only surmount legal and regulatory hurdles, but have technical challenges relating to product safety and efficacy, as well. Two Prisma partners found packaging ease and success with Prisma’s […]

Fairytale Brownies & Packaging

Fairytale Brownies & Packaging

Two kindergarteners met on the playground in 1971, became lifelong friends, and launched a brownie business together years later. That’s the story of Fairytale Brownies whose co-owners began baking brownies as a side business after college, which eventually became a successful mail-order brownie business. Enhancing the Experience Before recipients even get to see or taste […]

Fox Restaurant Concepts

Catering to their every need Multiple brands with one home Operating multiple locations is one thing, but being able to handle multiple brands across the country can be a headache. But, what if each location had the ability to access a restaurant print on demand integration software? In dokshop, Fox Restaurant Concepts found relief. Regardless […]

Romulus Restaurant Group


All by Design Romulus handed us a blank canvas, and it was our job to transform it into a space that expressed the heart and soul of the company. Our lead designer on this project, Jay Gau, envisioned larger than life graphics and the Grand Format department at Prisma went to work to make them […]