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Fairytale Brownies Quality product packaging for every season with Fairytale Brownies


Enhancing the experience

Two kindergarteners met on the playground in 1971, became lifelong friends, and launched a brownie business together years later. That’s the story of Fairytale Brownies whose co-owners began baking brownies as a side business after college, which eventually became a successful mail-order brownie business.

Enhancing the Experience

Before recipients even get to see or taste their treats, they are first greeted by carefully crafted packaging designs. In 2018, the brand worked with Prisma to launch 48 variations of “occasion” and seasonal bands with fresh patterns, vibrant colors, and premium finishes. “Bands” are themed sleeves that customers can order with their brownie gift boxes to add flair and reflect the gifts’ meaning. To minimize run costs, Prisma’s experts have worked out a detailed system for using every inch of the press sheet possible and suggested running all new bands at the same time each year for efficiency. Band designs have continued to change and expand within the last two years, allowing for a unique and unforgettable look with every order. In 2020, 35 new bands, available in 4 sizes, were printed and shipped out to prepare Fairytale Brownies for an upcoming year of orders.

Success Never Tasted So Sweet

Success never tasted so sweet

Prisma also helps create the company’s Gift List each fall. The list is a helpful data tool that pulls past purchase history allowing Fairytale Brownies to send out reorder notices to customers. The data from the previous holiday season is pulled and paired with a custom barcoded catalog and rigid envelope, allowing for an easy reordering process. With such sophisticated marketing tactics, Fairytale Brownies garners a 15-18 percent response rate on this high-end mailer allowing for more reliable sales with each recurring year. Each package is hand-fulfilled at Prisma’s facility, and packets range anywhere from 3-40 reorder sheets, dependent on the current gift list and past purchases by Fairytale Brownies’ clients.

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The Need for Imagery

Benchmark Electronics is an all-inclusive technology design, production, and manufacturing company. They are equipped to handle projects from conception to full-scale manufacturing and beyond! When they needed a mural installation on the glass walls of their conference room for their Tempe office location, Prisma’s grand format team stepped up to the plate. Benchmark wanted something that would really capture their brand and showcase the lively town of Tempe, Arizona. Prisma developed a plan that would accomplish this with style and ease.
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Maintaining the Essence of Benchmark

case-study-6 Prisma’s goal was to create a unique, functional, and visually appealing Benchmark mural. Our creative team worked closely with Benchmark to design a mural that showcased the essence of their Tempe location, while simultaneously maintaining brand consistency. The Benchmark team decided to feature something that would make them feel at home, which is why Prisma’s creative team incorporated imagery of the well-known Tempe Town Lake and “A” Mountain in the mural. This representation is exclusive to this Benchmark location; whereas their logo and tagline on the mural uphold their brand and keep it consistent amongst all Benchmark locations.
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Making it Happen

case-study-7 Prisma printed the mural directly on eight Dusted Crystal glass panels using our wide format printer. This material helps to create an aesthetic visual from the inside. While the original material for the project was going to be opaque, Prisma recommended that the panels be translucent to allow more light into the room. This was key to really making the mural pop! Prisma’s installation team brought the entire design together by also including Dusted Crystal glass on the conference room doors.
We recently embarked on a packaging rebrand to update and freshen our brand look. We worked closely with our representative to identify some interesting and unique printing effects, including gloss, metallic ink, and embossing, which gave our new box bands an amazing, high-quality look. Customers responded enthusiastically, and sales increased as a result. We visited the facility for a press check and were extremely impressed with the attention to detail in every facet of the production.
Another unique project which Prisma executes for us is an individualized gift reorder promotion for our best customers. This highly complex marketing piece involves data preparation, printing, collating, and mailing. The reorder list is mailed in a unique, high-quality envelope which includes an easy-open paper zipper effect that Prisma helped us perfect. This mail piece generates our highest response rate of any promotion and is key to our success and growth each holiday season. We rest easy knowing that Prisma can pull off this important campaign for us.

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November 11, 2020

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