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Fox Restaurant Concepts

From the vintage feel of Flower Child to the robust environment at the Arrogant Butcher, Fox Restaurant Concepts can make anyone feel at home. With over 15 incredibly distinct brands and over 50 locations nationwide, we serve each restaurant individually to ensure accuracy and uphold brand guidelines. We produce parking signs, menus, and everything in between. Through stunning prints and an easy-to-use web-to-print portal, dokshop, Prisma allows every Fox Restaurant Concepts brand to express who they are.


Catering to their every need

Catering to their every need

  • Multiple brands with one home
    Operating multiple locations is one thing, but being able to handle multiple brands across the country can be a headache. But, what if each location had the ability to access a restaurant print on demand integration software? In dokshop, Fox Restaurant Concepts found relief. Regardless of if you own a Zinburger in Arizona or a Culinary Dropout in Texas, dokshop provides the same experience – but allows for variable data to be changed or adjusted if need be. This means that when an editable menu is chosen, the individual restaurant can edit prices and menu options, proof it, order it, and have it printed and shipped to us. Our pre-printed menu shells make this a simple process, with fast results.
  • Kit solutions for new locations
    Kitting is something that many clients can benefit from, and an option that FRC uses to get new restaurants up and running. When a restaurant owner logs into dokshop, they’re pulled to their specific location where a new kit will be waiting, with all of the essential items needed before opening. This includes logos, digital assets, and also training kits for new hires.
  • Streamlined invoice solutions
    We take some of the work off FRC by providing the option to drop invoices into their own FTP server, which groups invoices by brand and location. By grouping their print invoices with their POS system, it allows them to factor in every aspect of running the restaurants, all in a centralized location.
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The Need for Imagery

Benchmark Electronics is an all-inclusive technology design, production, and manufacturing company. They are equipped to handle projects from conception to full-scale manufacturing and beyond! When they needed a mural installation on the glass walls of their conference room for their Tempe office location, Prisma’s grand format team stepped up to the plate. Benchmark wanted something that would really capture their brand and showcase the lively town of Tempe, Arizona. Prisma developed a plan that would accomplish this with style and ease.
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Maintaining the Essence of Benchmark

case-study-6 Prisma’s goal was to create a unique, functional, and visually appealing Benchmark mural. Our creative team worked closely with Benchmark to design a mural that showcased the essence of their Tempe location, while simultaneously maintaining brand consistency. The Benchmark team decided to feature something that would make them feel at home, which is why Prisma’s creative team incorporated imagery of the well-known Tempe Town Lake and “A” Mountain in the mural. This representation is exclusive to this Benchmark location; whereas their logo and tagline on the mural uphold their brand and keep it consistent amongst all Benchmark locations.
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Making it Happen

case-study-7 Prisma printed the mural directly on eight Dusted Crystal glass panels using our wide format printer. This material helps to create an aesthetic visual from the inside. While the original material for the project was going to be opaque, Prisma recommended that the panels be translucent to allow more light into the room. This was key to really making the mural pop! Prisma’s installation team brought the entire design together by also including Dusted Crystal glass on the conference room doors.
I feel Prisma’s been able to really bring innovative, affordable ideas and deliver on everything, so we’ve been really happy.
Anita Walker
Vice President of Marketing

How Can Prisma Transform Your Space?

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August 1, 2017

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