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The Math Learning Center Setting The Math Learning Center up for success with intricate kitting


Math Learning

The Math Learning Center (MLC) is a nonprofit organization serving the education community. Their mission is to inspire and enable individuals to discover and develop their mathematical confidence and ability through an innovative standards-based curriculum, resources, and professional development tools.

With schools and teachers all over the country using MLC’s comprehensive curriculum, they needed a partner who was capable of handling the robust and complex work of creating and fulfilling their course kits. MLC wants its teachers and students to be equipped with all the necessary tools to learn each lesson with ease. Through various forms of printed products, sourced promotional pieces, and complex kitting, each course set is created with purpose and care by Prisma.

Solutions for Complex Requests

With kits that can have up to 300+ pieces, MLC provides all the tools necessary for problem solving and skill building. Planning this process to make sure every resource volume gets to its destination without any missing pieces is not a simple task. Prisma’s dedicated team works with MLC through every step, ensuring the correct number of printed and sourced materials end up in each requested grade level box. Our checkpoint system promotes accuracy in every department, allowing each employee who encounters the job to know where the project has been and what still needs to be done. Millions of printed cards and paper goods are produced, prepared, and sorted for an easy transition to the Fulfillment team.

Perfectly sourced materials

Perfectly Sourced Materials

Along with printed materials, MLC’s curriculum kits include many educational tools, such as protractors, twist ties, dice, and more. Our promotional department understands cost and value, so we were able to find every item needed at a cost that worked for the MLC team and fit their production timeline. Prisma’s promotional experts are trained to find the most unique items from our reliable vendors, and always come prepared with various options, allowing clients like MLC to provide the perfect finished product consistently.

Extra Hands for Accuracy

With each educational volume being unique and needing very specific printed and sourced goods to follow the comprehensive curriculum, MLC wanted a team that could handle the kitting process with speed and accuracy. Ready for the task, we immediately designated a fulfillment team to MLC’s work. A dedicated team for larger jobs allows for less team burn out and promotes productivity and consistency. We pride ourselves in hiring detail-oriented teammates who are ready and willing to manage even the most complex jobs.

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The Need for Imagery

Benchmark Electronics is an all-inclusive technology design, production, and manufacturing company. They are equipped to handle projects from conception to full-scale manufacturing and beyond! When they needed a mural installation on the glass walls of their conference room for their Tempe office location, Prisma’s grand format team stepped up to the plate. Benchmark wanted something that would really capture their brand and showcase the lively town of Tempe, Arizona. Prisma developed a plan that would accomplish this with style and ease.
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Maintaining the Essence of Benchmark

case-study-6 Prisma’s goal was to create a unique, functional, and visually appealing Benchmark mural. Our creative team worked closely with Benchmark to design a mural that showcased the essence of their Tempe location, while simultaneously maintaining brand consistency. The Benchmark team decided to feature something that would make them feel at home, which is why Prisma’s creative team incorporated imagery of the well-known Tempe Town Lake and “A” Mountain in the mural. This representation is exclusive to this Benchmark location; whereas their logo and tagline on the mural uphold their brand and keep it consistent amongst all Benchmark locations.
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Making it Happen

case-study-7 Prisma printed the mural directly on eight Dusted Crystal glass panels using our wide format printer. This material helps to create an aesthetic visual from the inside. While the original material for the project was going to be opaque, Prisma recommended that the panels be translucent to allow more light into the room. This was key to really making the mural pop! Prisma’s installation team brought the entire design together by also including Dusted Crystal glass on the conference room doors.
Each of our kits are extremely complex and require various printed materials and precise assembly. The team at Prisma has been remarkable at organizing the various phases of each job to ensure quality and on-time completion. Their communication skills are outstanding, with predictably quick follow up. The team asks pertinent questions, critical to making the link from concept to finished product. They have the technology, staff and capacity that will help allow us to grow with confidence.

How Can Prisma assist with your intricate kitting projects?

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November 4, 2020

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