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California Bank & Trust Partnering with Prisma for complex, custom signage needs


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For more than 60 years, California Bank & Trust has been helping generations of Californians and California businesses grow and prosper implementing their motto of helping to lead their clients to brighter and more financially sound futures. One of California’s most dynamic and admired banks, they offer guidance, collaboration, and customized options that are unique to their brand.

2020 has had its ups and downs with an ever-changing business front. One thing that has changed for the better is stronger and safer hygiene techniques. CB&T knew that they would need to take preventative steps to ensure the top quality banking experience they are known for, but it wouldn’t be an easy task. With 114 locations needing variable safety signage directed towards their local audience in just 12 days, CB&T needed a partner who could handle this high profile job. That’s where Prisma stepped in to help.

“With already tight turn times for signage to be printed and delivered, we added another layer of complexity and built the entire program out in dokshop, something we had never done before at this magnitude. We needed to allow our offices to customize their signage with their phone numbers and place an order for the appropriate quantities. Since our teams are comfortable ordering within dokshop, it made it super easy for them to find the signage kit they needed and customize it. Once all orders were placed, we pulled a report and built a distribution list for Prisma to use to ship out the order. All in all the project went extremely smoothly and thanks to Prisma’s hands-on customer service and solutions we were able to meet our deadlines!”

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A Special Site for the Job

Originally planning to predetermine what each location would receive through their corporate office, CB&T soon realized the process was time-consuming and could lead to inaccuracies for their various branches’ needs. To remedy this, Prisma’s team of dokshop experts created a custom, time-restricted microsite that was an extension of their current dokshop site. This microsite allowed CB&T’s branch managers to request which informational signage they needed and customize it with their locations’ personal information, all in a platform that the CB&T branch managers were already comfortable using. Within a 24-hour time window, managers submitted their requests, almost doubling the projected needs predetermined by their corporate offices.

Variable Data for Every Location

After orders were placed it became quite clear that there was an extensive amount of variable data that needed to be printed and delivered to the desired location. Every location’s order needed custom phone numbers and messaging to reflect the bank’s status. 250 variables were used across 9 static product types, including A-frame signage, floor graphics, window clings, and more.

The Dream Team

With a short time window to get appropriate signage to all 114 locations, CB&T needed a print partner whose team could produce and manage such detailed work with precision and accuracy. Prisma’s Large Format and Fulfillment teams were ready for the task and used their expert skills to produce, manage, and execute a plan of action that would get the job done right. Team members carefully picked and packed the correct signage for each branch, making sure every item was sent to the correct location. With a 12 day turnaround time, over 1,000 custom items were produced and distributed, getting CB&T’s safety message to all of their locations on time, allowing them to focus on other important matters during unprecedented times.

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The Need for Imagery

Benchmark Electronics is an all-inclusive technology design, production, and manufacturing company. They are equipped to handle projects from conception to full-scale manufacturing and beyond! When they needed a mural installation on the glass walls of their conference room for their Tempe office location, Prisma’s grand format team stepped up to the plate. Benchmark wanted something that would really capture their brand and showcase the lively town of Tempe, Arizona. Prisma developed a plan that would accomplish this with style and ease.
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Maintaining the Essence of Benchmark

case-study-6 Prisma’s goal was to create a unique, functional, and visually appealing Benchmark mural. Our creative team worked closely with Benchmark to design a mural that showcased the essence of their Tempe location, while simultaneously maintaining brand consistency. The Benchmark team decided to feature something that would make them feel at home, which is why Prisma’s creative team incorporated imagery of the well-known Tempe Town Lake and “A” Mountain in the mural. This representation is exclusive to this Benchmark location; whereas their logo and tagline on the mural uphold their brand and keep it consistent amongst all Benchmark locations.
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Making it Happen

case-study-7 Prisma printed the mural directly on eight Dusted Crystal glass panels using our wide format printer. This material helps to create an aesthetic visual from the inside. While the original material for the project was going to be opaque, Prisma recommended that the panels be translucent to allow more light into the room. This was key to really making the mural pop! Prisma’s installation team brought the entire design together by also including Dusted Crystal glass on the conference room doors.
During this uncertain time, Prisma Graphic came through with supporting our signage needs. We needed to get custom COVID-19 signage out to all of our branches and support departments in a really short time window. The team at Prisma jumped to help us not only meet our deadlines but provided us with really thorough short and long-term signage options that would last for the unforeseeable future.

How Can Prisma help with development and distribution of your custom signage?

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September 4, 2020

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