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Phoenix Design Week 2010

 Prisma Graphic is proud to be the Title Sponsor for the Phoenix Design Week 2010.

Phoenix Design Week 2010 is a grassroots effort dreamed up by a single visual designer, Mark Dudlik seeking to unite and strengthen the Phoenix metropolitan design community. His open letter to the Phoenix design community gained immediate interest and support from the design community and further solidified the need for this event. Phoenix is a city full of eager, talented, and passionate designers, and Phoenix Design Week will be the first large-scale effort to bring them together around their shared love for visual design.

The event is slated to gather graphic and interactive design individuals, design firms, and industry organizations to participate in a week’s worth of events that showcase Phoenix as the city with the most potential to change the world.

The goal of helping local designers interact, collaborate, and learn from each other has reverberated within the valley because now is a perfect chance to come together and build a stronger creative community.

Being held September 29th to October 3rd, Phoenix Design Week 2010, will include exhibitions, panels, training, networking, workshops, and much more.


It’s an honor to be a part of such a forward thinking movement within our graphic design community.

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BY PRISMASeptember 7, 2010

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