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Web to print 101: Learn the basics

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At Prisma, we pursue ideas that simplify processes and make life easier for our clients. One of the ways that we’ve been doing that for the last decade is through web-to-print technology.

Twelve years ago, when our client at Avnet needed a way to streamline business card ordering across all locations nationally, we said “We have an idea!” and Dokshop was born. Dokshop is a custom software solution built by our own in-house programmers as a direct response to our client’s needs. New enhancements have been rolled out continuously over the years, and today over 200 corporations and 36,850 worldwide users rely on dokshop as their centralized marketing portal.

A web-to-print solution might make life easier for you too. Learn the basics of web-to-print with our new Prisma Paper, Web to print 101.

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BY PRISMAJuly 11, 2013

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