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Prisma’s first annual Best Salsa Contest

anticipationIn anticipation for Cinco de Mayo, Prisma held its first annual Best Salsa Contest.

We encouraged employees to bring in their best homemade salsa

to compete for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize.

There were a total of 21 different kinds of salsa waiting to be judged by each


As the clock struck 11:30 am the lines started to move and

the competition began.


By the end of the event most of the salsa was completely gone and it became more evident which salsa people couldn’t get enough of.

We are pleased to announce our winners of the Prisma Best Salsa Contest 2013:

1st place: Terry Davila, salsa #1

2nd place: Maria Oralia Quinero, salsa #20

3rd place: Fausto Sanchez, salsa #9

Terry Davila, Maria Oralia Quinero and Fausto Sanchez
Terry Davila, Maria Oralia Quinero and Fausto Sanchez

Want to learn their secret recipe? Stay tuned and we will share it with you!

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BY PRISMAMay 3, 2013

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