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Get personal: Segmented and variable data marketing

How much do you know about your client base? And, the specifics about their business? If your business is B-to-C,  (business-to-consumer) what do you know about them as individuals?

Today more than ever, technology allows you to speak directly to your clients on a one-to-one basis. A segmented data list can not only provide a lift in direct marketing results, but also open the door to new opportunities. New opportunities lead to a more complete pipeline, which leads to more sales.


There are two methods of segmenting data – data field notation and data modeling. Data field notation is based upon factual data that you know about your clients, while data modeling is based upon some assumptions.

Data field notation is as simple as having a column of controlled qualities or interests built into your CRM system (Contact Relationship Manager.) Your client list can be segmented by the notations and used to provide a highly targeted direct mail piece using variable data printing.

For example, if you are in the business of selling outdoor sporting goods equipment your list can be segmented by the types of purchases your customers make. If I am a customer of XYZ Sporting Goods and your data says that most of my purchases revolve around fishing – a direct mailer that includes fishing imagery makes perfect sense and may resonate better with me, the recipient. This form of one- to-one marketing allows the customer to know that you are aware of their interests and their purchase history. Highly personalized one-to-one direct marketing campaigns makes the client feel like you understand them and you appreciate their business.

Data Modeling is an assumptive way to extract segmented data. Simply put, your client data is analyzed and scored. The next step includes finding more people who look like your existing clients. Data Modeling can be extremely effective when trying to identify new markets and new prospects.


Variable Data Printing is not new to the commercial print and direct marketing world, but it keeps getting more sophisticated. Using special software your segmented marketing data can be interpreted to where each piece that comes off the press is highly personalized and customized. Once limited to only text, variable data printing now can include multiple versions of text and relevant imagery as dictated by your data.

If you looking for an increase in your direct marketing responses, segmented data and variable data printing are  the way to go. Show your clients you understand their needs and appreciate their business on a one-to-one direct marketing basis and see your campaign results and sales increase.

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BY PRISMASeptember 28, 2010

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