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Why pay-per-click direct mail enhancements don’t efficiently maximize your marketing budget

Prisma’s DM360 digital direct mail enhancement platform bundles multi-channel marketing on a per piece pricing structure.


With the growing competition of online advertising, direct mail advertisers need to get creative in getting their message to market effectively. Times have changed. People no longer receive a mail piece and pick up the phone and call or walk into a brick-and-mortar location.

So where do they go? Online.

86% of people who are interested in a product or service go to the company’s website first before calling or visiting the brick-and-mortar location. A solution provided by some direct mailers is to offer pay-per-click online advertising enhancements to their client’s mail runs. This is a minimal form of advertising that provides an additional touch point for a mail campaign. But is it ultimately effective?


Yes and no. Adding an online enhancement will ultimately drive more traffic, but paying for each enhancement separately and using a pay-per-click budget can become costly over time. Depending on the product and success of the campaign it could cost your marketing team more than it’s worth.


You can enhance results of direct mail campaigns by an average of 23-46% through integrated marketing strategies – otherwise known as omnichannel marketing. With Prisma’s Direct Mail 360 solution, you can effortlessly reach your audience on multiple channels for optimal response using seven technologies, including:

  • SocialMatch: Pre-match your mailing list to social media accounts and deliver your ads to those people before, during, and after your mailing.
  • Mail Tracking: Delivery confirmation down to the per piece level.
  • Informed Delivery®: Increase your impressions by adding a digital ride along image to your gray scale mail piece scan.
  • Online Follow-up: Website visitors receive a “cookie” via Google so that your ads follow them as they browse other sites.
  • Call Tracking: Use a tracked number to record all calls that come in as a result of your campaign.
  • Social Media Follow-up: Re-engage website visitors by reaching them with multiple impressions on their Facebook & Instagram newsfeeds.
  • LEADMatch: An enhanced measurement solution system able to track and record exactly who visited your website as a result of your mailing.
  • Results: Track campaign results on your own personal dashboard in matchThese seven technologies are an all-inclusive package and a priced out by mail list quantity, so you always have an upfront cost no matter how many people interact with the provided enhancements. It’s a solution that saves you time, money and provides you with omnichannel insights to your direct mail campaigns!FAST FACTSFor every $167 spent on direct mail in the U.S., marketers sell $2,095 in goods!

    68% of marketing respondents said combining digital and direct mail increased website visits.

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BY PRISMAMay 4, 2021

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