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Top tips for 2013: Marketing

Being a part of the marketing/creative industry in 2013 can be a fun and exciting position. Whether you’re pursuing Phoenix direct mail or are considering experimenting with QR codes, there are new and advanced technologies at your fingertips and various trends emerging on a daily basis. Needless to say, it can be easy to get lost and lose focus. As you strive to succeed in your marketing role this year, here are some helpful tips provided by Target Marketing:

Be Consistent:

• When planning an integrated marketing campaign, be mindful of the customer’s experience
• Will the target feel your brand is presenting itself in a consistent way?
• Consistency is critical to drive marketing objective (awareness, interest, desire, action)

Understand Segments:
• The job of the marketer is not to define segments, but to understand how individuals in communities segment themselves.
• Don’t enforce artificial divisions, understand segments that occur naturally.


Get Personal:

• Personalization increases response rates.
• Results among retailers were even more dramatic – 19.9% vs. 1.9%.
• One recent study found that personalized campaigns for insurance and financial services companies’ averaged return of 10.8% vs. 2% percent for non-personalized campaigns.

Understand the Value of Online/Offline Integration:

• Direct marketers are finally understanding the integration of offline and online … And that’s allowing marketers to truly understand that Phoenix direct mail, despite its expense, is still one of the most powerful mediums in driving online traffic.

To QR or not to QR:

• Before placing a QR code on your printed piece, develop a reason why you should have one.
• Will it make it easier for your audience to access a map or directions?
• Will it make it easier for people to contact your company or make a purchase? Going Mobile:• Only use mobile if it adds value
• Too many businesses get caught using mobile for mobile’s sake.
• Make sure your mobile strategy solves a problem, ultimately  adding value to your customer’s life. The Less is More Rule:• Generally, when it comes to landing pages, less is more.
• Essentially, keeping visitors focused on the key message is the name of the game.
• This means eliminating all extraneous details not directly related to the campaign at hand.
• Links to other pages? Delete them.
• Fancy and distracting design? Change it.
• Lots of extra content about your firm? Gone. The Less is More Rule – Again:• When it comes to websites, less choice is better.
• Users get stuck when given too many choices.
• People tend to want more information than they can actually process.
• You need to find a sweet spot for how much to offer.Remember these tips as you strive to have a productive and successful year.

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BY PRISMAJanuary 31, 2013

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