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Top 10 Ways to Increase Direct Mail Results

Every great message needs the right audience to succeed. Consumers expect advertisements of every medium – especially those going to their homes – to be hand-picked for them, and highly relevant. By catering your campaign down to the household, you’ll find success reflected in your ROI.

Our team of experts can help you drive business with these 10 steps:

1 Establish Your Goals –

Do you want to increase donations 10%? Sell more tires? Remind a client it’s time to come in?

2 Get Specific –

Let’s clearly identify your target market together. Are they recent graduates? New homeowners? Finding your ideal audience isn’t as simple as purchasing a list. The right team can help you analyze previous campaigns and current audiences to find key attributes for targeting.

3 Craft Your Message –

Know your audience. Learn the Age/Gender, Household income, Residence type, Interests, Family type, Career and more of your ideal customer, allowing you to target look-a-like’s and use words that sell. End with a strong call to action!

4 Make an Offer (If possible) –

Maybe it’s a free gift, bonus cash, or coupons. Make sure it speaks to your audience.

5 Create Your Piece –

Be memorable, clear, and concise. Avoid excessive copy and photos that clutter.

6 Choose Your Support Channels –

Email, second drop, follow up text message, and social media are popular choices.

7 Refine Your List –

Mine the data and reach your target market. Once we establish a clear-cut strategy, our data and mailing experts will create and purchase lists based on your best-fit audience. We can cater to each and every campaign, and fine-tune your lists whenever necessary.

8 Print and Mail –

Look for efficiencies. Standing out doesn’t always mean expensive.

9 Analyze and Refine –

What was the response rate? Was the goal(s) achieved?  Targeting is a living, breathing process. Profiling these lists year-over-year allows you to adapt to your ideal consumer, and discover new metrics to help drive your targeting further.

10 Celebrate Success!

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BY PRISMAFebruary 8, 2021

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