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Tips on selecting a commercial printing company

Knowing what to look for in a commercial printing company is extremely important. Whether you’re the owner, a CMO, a graphic designer, an HR professional or in sales – using the wrong vendor can cost you a lot time and money.

We want to you succeed, so below are some tips on selecting the right print printer for your next project or overall business’ marketing objectives.

Do they produce the quality you desire?
Many commercial printers will say they have the best quality in town. But ask yourself – Do they really? Ask to see samples of projects similar to your specifications. Make sure the vendor you choose understands the breadth of your project and the quality you seek.

Is the project completion time acceptable?
Commercial printing is a deadline oriented business – we live by turnaround times. When discussing your project, it’s important to know if a vendor can complete your job in the time frame required. Tell them when you need the project – after all your job may depend on it.

What’s their reputation?
Most company’s reputations speak for themselves. Ask your colleagues or peers about their experience with your vendor prospect. Also, how long have they been in business? Longevity in the commercial printing industry is difficult for those who deliver sub-par quality or consistently miss important deadlines.

Do they offer options and/or solutions?
In printing, sometimes there is more than one way to skin a cat. The telltale sign of a good printing organization are the options or solutions they suggest; especially considering those often lead to cost-savings. This is also a good measurement of customer service and how much they care about your bottom line.

Are they innovators?
The commercial printing business constantly changes as new technology is introduced. Where is the company you’re speaking to in terms of the technology. Printing companies who are on the cutting edge of innovative technology are normally the leaders in the industry.

How accommodating is this vendor?
Ask about their infrastructure for sending files and how the proofing process is handled. Does the company offer a web to print solution? Can they handle a mass distribution or only a single-point delivery of a completed project? Do they offer payment terms with the necessary approvals? Basically, how do they adapt to your business requirements?

All these questions lead down the road to a true partnership. An exceptional commercial printing partner adds value to their client relationships. Hopefully, this list will get you started in the right direction for your selection. Please let us know if we can help you in your quest of selecting a commercial printer to meet your needs.

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[About us: Prisma Graphic, now in our 30th year, is a full-service, marketing solutions provider now with an emphasis in commercial printing that specializes in online marketing supply chain management. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer service, we partner with clients to develop cost-effective programs that execute integrated brand campaigns and highly-targeted business communications. Our ongoing evolution is to deliver sales opportunities at the lowest possible cost.]

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BY PRISMANovember 29, 2010

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