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Prisma Graphic’s Sustainability Program touches almost every aspect of the business.

Prisma Graphic Corporation Takes Another Step Toward Green

Prisma Graphic demonstrates respect for the planet, while maintaining its reputation as a high-quality commercial printer. Prisma Graphic, one of the Southwest’s leading privately owned commercial printers, becomes FSC certified to help protect the environment.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) promotes good forest management that ensures sustainability, wildlife and stream preservation, biodiversity and legal logging practices.  Paper is a very visible and identifiable arena where companies can demonstrate their commitment to environmental and social responsibility.  Environmental organizations, paper buyers and consumers alike worked together to create this FSC Chain of Custody certification.

Rather than just focusing on recycling, where chlorine and other harmful chemicals are needed, this Chain of Custody tracks wood fiber from its original point of harvest, all the way to the end consumer who ordered the printing and finishing of the paper.  This certification establishes a credible system whereby the end client can be assured that the paper used on their project is linked directly back to the practice of sustainable forestry.

“FSC certification was the next logical step for Prisma.  Over the years, we have developed our own internal Sustainability Program.  This program has focused on reducing our overall power consumption, recycling excess production materials, as well as properly treating and disposing of the chemicals used in the printing process,” states Robert Anderson, President.

Prisma Graphic’s Sustainability Program touches almost every aspect of the business.  The majority of inks used are vegetable based, rather than the more volatile petroleum based.  Their 82,000 sq. ft. building is cooled and heated with high efficiency HVAC and up-duct units.  Even the lights in the front office are low-wattage, halogen bulbs.

“We realize how important it is to take responsibility for our environment,” exclaims Alan McAbee, General Manager. “We are very proud to receive our FSC certification, which is just another step in our mission to become a completely green printer.”

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BY PRISMAOctober 28, 2009

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