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Prisma Graphic’s social media outlets

Starting in June, 2010 Prisma Graphic has made a concentrated effort to step up our social media and internet presence. Our more visible social media efforts have been designed to better assist our clients and to listen to what’s being said about commercial printing, direct marketing, web to print and graphic design.

We thought we would take a moment and outline the three channels we are spending most of our energy on and how you can put them to use to help your business.


If Facebook was a country, it would be the third most populated country in the world. (Cited from TechXav) That tells us that many of our customers use the Facebook platform to interact with friends as well as companies and brands. Prisma Graphic’s Facebook page is a place where Prisma Graphic’s clients and employees can interact and share knowledge and industry expertise with one another. As a company, we will keep everyone who ‘likes’ our page informed with company news, industry happenings and any other relevant information. As a client, please feel free to post questions asking for direction, advise or consultation. Prisma monitors this page hourly and we will get you the answers you seek in a short period of time.

We encourage everyone to participate in the Facebook forum. If you’re not a fan of the Prisma Graphic Facebook page yet, you can find us at – we hope to hear from you there!


In the last couple of years a lot has been made of Twitter. We find there are two very distinct types of internet users – people who really like Twitter and those who could care less about it. If you fall into the later, no worries, as we have no plans to make you use it. If you are an avid “Tweeter,” however, we’re here for you.

Prisma Graphic can found on Twitter and live in 140 characters under the user name @prismagraphic. Here we will post links to relevant articles including our own blog posts plus other information of value for our followers. If you have any comments about our customer service (positive or negative) or questions about Prisma Graphic’s complete offerings, please get our attention on Twitter by sending us an @reply and we will address your comments promptly. We also have a follow back policy, so if you choose to follow us we will follow you back.


The Prisma Graphic blog is updated twice a week, typically on Tuesday and Thursday. Our blog articles feature commercial print, direct mailing and graphic design best practice tips taken from our panel of experts plus other industry information and trends. Also, once a month we highlight a Prisma Graphic employee so they can share a look at Prisma from the inside out.

If there are subjects you would like us to cover please send an email to and we’ll be happy to address your topic and give it priority on our monthly editorial calendar.

Also, after reading our articles if you have any thoughts on the topic please feel free to leave a comment and we can discuss in an open forum manner. You can subscribe to the Prisma Graphic blog via email by submitting your email address to our subscription service.

Are we missing anything? If there are other social networks that you frequent please let us know. Future efforts will include adding more videos to the Prisma Graphic YouTube channel along with an enhanced Flickr presence.

[About us: Prisma Graphic is a full-service, marketing solutions provider with an emphasis in commercial printing that specializes in online marketing supply chain management. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer service, we partner with clients to develop cost-effective programs that execute integrated brand campaigns and highly-targeted business communications. Our ongoing evolution is to deliver sales opportunities at the lowest possible cost.]

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