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Prisma Graphic sets record straight

Early Tuesday morning, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office presented Prisma Graphic with a warrant to search our facilities for 17 employees who were potentially in the country illegally. The investigation was the result of a tip the Sheriff’s Office received, and Prisma Graphic is fully cooperating with the Sheriff’s Office’s investigation.

In response to this event, we felt it was important that all of our valued clients, vendors and friends are aware of the facts regarding Prisma Graphic’s hiring process and the company’s customer data policy.

Prisma Graphic carefully follows all state and federal requirements regarding hiring practices. In addition, E-Verify has been a part of Prisma standard hiring process since January 1, 2008, when it became mandatory in Arizona. Of the 17 employees targeted, ten are no longer employed by Prisma Graphic and six employees have been detained for questioning. We are confident the Sheriff’s Office will find that Prisma Graphic’s hiring practices are well within the state and federal requirements.

In response to the media coverage, it is important to clarify that several false statements were made regarding the actions of those detained. To ensure that you have the correct information, we would like to inform you that:

• There has been absolutely no breach of any personal customer data of any kind at Prisma Graphic. All customer data is handled in a secured area and meets all of the certification requirements of our clients. In addition, none of the detained employees handled or had access to any secured customer data.

• Media interviews earlier today with the MCSO suggest that Prisma was printing false documents or other forgeries on the premises. No such conduct is happening on the premises and the search warrant did not relate to any such allegations.

• Prisma Graphic has never printed checks or identification cards for any clients.

• Prisma Graphic does not print credit cards, nor does it have access to credit card information for any of its clients. Allegations that the detained employees were printing credit card information are false.

• In a press release issued this afternoon the Sherriff’s Office issued a retraction stating: “A phone call by a tipster informed MCSO that certain financial records were being produced. Although the Sheriff’s Office had received information that credit card information, hunting tags and ACCESS health care information were present, no physical evidence to corroborate the tipster’s information was discovered at the scene. Additionally, no political campaign ads or other campaign literature was uncovered during today’s operation as the tipster indicated.”

Please know that we take the security of the information we handle for our clients and its processing very seriously. We are very proud of our company and the work we do for our customers. We appreciate your continued confidence and look forward to an even stronger partnership moving forward.

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BY PRISMANovember 1, 2011

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