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Pre-Super Bowl Party

Happy Friday! Today, the Prisma marketing team enjoyed an impromptu pre-Super Bowl pizza party for lunch! We laughed and laughed watching reels of the best Super Bowl ads from years past.

We learned a few things, too. Our varied ages, backgrounds and interests give us a wide range of perspectives on commercials old and new. One we all love is this Volkswagen commercial from 2011, “The Force”:

Also, we are complete suckers for commercials with cute animals! Tears were shed at a few of the tender moments- we’re lookin’ at you, Budweiser.

With no diehard Seahawks or Patriots fans in the group, we’re all especially excited to watch commercials this year. Do you have an all-time favorite Super Bowl ad?

We hope you have a fun, safe weekend and enjoy this tremendous occasion in the valley. May the best team win!files on table

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BY PRISMAJanuary 30, 2015

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