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Marketing 101: Direct marketing

From time to time Prisma Graphic likes to take a step back and review the basics of marketing. More importantly, discuss how you can use these principles to help your business acquire new leads and generate more revenue. At Prisma Graphic, we certainly understand the important role direct marketing plays in the sales cycle, and we are happy to share our knowledge with everyone.

So, without further adieu, welcome to Prisma Graphic’s Marketing 101 series.


Direct marketing is a form of advertising and marketing that reaches it’s intended audience without using traditional marketing channels such as, radio, newspaper or television. Businesses speak directly to their market segment through mailing post cards, fliers, catalogs or other printed matter.

Direct marketing has been a proven marketing channel for businesses of all sizes, although is particularly effective for small to mid-sized businesses who might lack brand recognition and have smaller advertising budgets.


Below is a list of common attributes of many successful direct marketing campaigns.

• Good customer mailing lists
• Clever creative and graphic design
• Personalization
• Compelling offer, discounts or coupons
• Consistent company messaging
• Clear and concise call to action
• Direct recipient to alternative marketing channel (i.e website or 800 number)
• Visible contact information in multiple locations on direct mailer

By combining all of these common attributes together in your next direct mail campaign you can greatly improve the chances of yielding a higher response.


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We hope this is a great start for you to better understand direct marketing and the components of direct mail campaigns. Now that you know what direct marketing is our next installment of Prisma Graphic’s Marketing 101 series will talk about how to design direct marketing campaigns.

Have any questions about this article or about direct marketing in general? Our professional marketing staff is always available to assist you. Please contact us by telephone at 800 379-5777 or via email at

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