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Keep your virtual event “ConnectED” with creative packaging

Taking event marketing to an almost completely virtual level was a major part of the 2020 work year.

As many companies move permanently towards a stay-at-home work model, it is growing increasingly important to bring your virtual event to participants in a tangible way. How can brands connect with virtual event attendees?

Advisor Group is one of the largest networks of independent wealth management firms in the United States. Recently they decided to host their national conference virtually for the first time. To promote a positive and unique experience and encourage virtual engagement, a “swag box” was strategized and produced. The “ConnectED Crate” was a virtual marketing event piece that brought the convention idea and feel into the homes of participants allowing them to interact with the conference in a creative fashion.

Steps to creating the perfect virtual event swag:

Get offsite event support

  • To create a unique swag gift that fits your brand, excites recipients, and expresses the event theme, you need to source promotional products that reflect that. Unless you have your own promotional department on hand, offsite event support is a necessity to source swag.

After being presented Advisor Groups event theme, Prisma’s promotional department immediately went to work looking for pieces that would exceed expectations.

Creative packaging planning

  • Craft a custom box that fits your promotional and printed pieces and provides and easy to follow layout. Dynamic packaging layouts lead recipients visually through each piece and custom QR codes and clever copy can direct recipients on what to look at next or link them to other information for the event.

To provide Advisor Groups conference attendees a unique experience a completely custom box template was crafted. With a modular design, each section of the box was created to hold all of the items securely and present them in the order they were to be experienced.

Pack and ship precisely

  • Find a reliable fulfillment and shipping team. You want everything to arrive intact and the same for evert recipient.

Prisma’s fulfillment team is no stranger to complex jobs. Kitting thousands of jobs a year, this team is precise to a T. Each ConnectED Crate was kitted with care and precisely marked for quick disbursement. All packages were meticulously placed and prepared to ensure the promotional pieces and box arrived intact after shipping and handling.

Get Results

Advisor Group’s registration goal was 1,500 early applicants, which was exceeded within only five hours of going live. The Crate helped propel early registration for the event, which garnered over 8,000 registrants and counting after the announcement of the gift.

“Prisma provided clear templates and guidelines, guiding us through the structural design process, and problem-solving the various questions and challenges that arose, all while keeping financial questions very transparent and our budget limitations in mind. I’ve received no fewer than a dozen inquiries from financial professionals who received the ConnectED Crate asking which vendor we used, because they want to produce something similar to send to their clients.” – GARRETT FRIEDRICH, VP, BRAND & CREATIVE

From beginning to end, the ConnectED Canvas package was sourced, crafted, fulfilled, and shipped from our in-house facility. Streamlining this process and keeping the job on property allowed for a more cost friendly experience, and provided Advisor Group reliable offsite marketing logistics support. For more information on how we can help you source and create your own conference swag package email us at today!

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BY PRISMADecember 4, 2020

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