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Get creative with your print materials

As gizmos like the iPad and Kindle take technology to new levels of customer comfort, messaging through interactive touch is the new “little black dress.” Thankfully, for tactical –minded people, holding something, feeling its texture, sensing its smell, and evaluating its texture and quality is in fashion.

For those in the print world, this might seem to scream, “Quit taking our beloved paper goods away!” But alas, this is a golden opportunity to take advantage of the romance with touch. Get creative with your print materials. Have a little fun with some redesigns and actually give your customers something worth holding!

Let’s talk specifics. What about your business card design?

Designs are a journey, they connect people. They connect the consumer with the producer through a product or service.

According to fellow blogger Nick Barker,

“Design is all around us – the chair you are sitting on, the keyboard you are touching and the building you find yourself in. Design is at the heart of everything. I believe what makes a good design is a holistic creation right through a product or service. A design should effectively connect the consumer with the product or service.”

Because design is a way to communicate something unique about you or your company, tap into it’s unlimited potential and reach your audience with practical yet innovative business cards that strut your stuff and scream to be held.

Just by Googling “creative business cards” you’ll find a vast array of cards to amaze, stun, and awe. These three alone are worth picking up – at the very least to feel, and maybe even to read, keep and ponder using!

 Creative Business Card
flow Creative Card for Yoga
 Decorative Business Card

How about business stationery? Bold, creative, memorable. If you had to think of 5 adjectives to describe your company’s main business style, what would they be? Now, look at your print materials – do they convey those same feelings, emotions, descriptions? If so, good for you. If not, back to the design table you go!

In general, think in these creative and consistent terms with ALL your print materials – even things like coupons, thank you notes, magnets, billboards, auto signage, company shirts, corporate gifts, and beyond. Make your entire identity ring true through all your communication vehicles – from the internet to your print portfolio – your identity should be worth looking at, reading, contemplating and last but not least, holding!

Check out some creative business cards including the images above at: and

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BY PRISMAMay 10, 2010

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