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Employee spotlight: Glen Porter


What is your position within Prisma Graphic Corporation?

“Currently I am the Fulfillment Manager. I previously helped with the development and installation of the Grand Format department at Prisma.”

How long have you worked for Prisma Graphic?

“I have worked for Prisma Graphic going on two years this May.”

What are your responsibilities as Fulfillment Manager?

“I oversee all of the kitting projects, and manage our high end clients such as Tilted Kilt and Phoenix Suns. I ensure that our work is done with the highest quality in mind, while keeping a close watch on the time spent for each job to make sure we meet all shipping deadlines.”

What do you like most about Prisma Graphic?

“I would have to say I love the people here at Prisma Graphic; they are very genuine and hard working. I also enjoy my role as the fulfillment manager and the great people I get to meet and work alongside on a daily basis.”

What do you look forward to most about coming to work everyday?

“I like that there are always new challenges that come with this job. Everyday there is a different project and I enjoy engineering the production that is needed to finish the job for our loyal customers. There is a lot of mental preparation that goes into my position; I generally like to plan out the steps of the specific job in my head, translating to a smoother process.”

What is involved in your day-to-day activities in your current position?

“In this position I oversee the fulfillment production, ensure that we are meeting our deadlines, and utilize supply chain management to coordinate shipments.

How do you spend your free time outside of work?

“I really enjoy being outside whether it be hiking, mountain biking or snowboarding. I love being active.  I have been snowboarding for four years now and have traveled to all the ski resorts in Colorado and really enjoy Steamboat Springs the most because of their consistent powder.”

Who inspired you?

“I have had a handful of great mentors in my life that have taught me the steps to be successful in the printing business. I would have to say that understanding the customer and their needs is the most important concept that my mentors taught me and it has helped me over the years.”

What is your favorite vacation spot?

“I cannot get away from Hawaii; I have traveled around all of the islands and absolutely love it there. I go there as much as I can whether it is for New Year’s or a summer vacation. I love hanging out with the locals and drinking what they drink and doing what they do. Kauai is my favorite island and I enjoy going off the beaten path and hiking the trails that locals tell me about.”

Where are you from?

“I was born in Casablanca, Morocco in North Africa and my father was in the Air Force so I traveled a lot throughout my childhood. My favorite place I lived in when I was a child was England. England has such a rich culture that offered different experiences that enriched my childhood. After England my family moved to the United States when I was thirteen and I have lived in Phoenix, Arizona for the last thirty-four years.”

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BY PRISMAFebruary 1, 2013

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