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Employee spotlight: Dave Johnson

tell us a bit

Tell us a bit about yourself; where did you grow up?
“Well I am originally from a city outside of Cleveland, Ohio, but I moved to the Phoenix area in about 1970. Most of my weeks entail working full time and I don’t mind it other than the 90 miles of driving I do a day.”

What is your position within Prisma Graphic Corporation?
“I am the head pressman on the Akiyama 640 press. Although that is the main press I work on, I have experience with just about all the presses at Prisma.”

How long have you worked for Prisma Graphic and what are some changes you have seen?
“I have worked at Prisma Graphic for 33 years this March. The main change I have seen is the large increase in business. Out of the 3 owners there has been, Bob really built this company into something great because he is not afraid to think big. This is only the second job I have had my whole life and both were in the printing industry. My son actually worked for Prisma as well.”

What are your responsibilities as Head Pressman?
“Well my main responsibility as the head pressman is to oversee the printing in its entirety. I also supervise the employees working on the 640. Continual maintenance of the machine is important to ensure that everything is running smooth; changing out rollers and making sure the quality is there for each job.”

What do you like most about Prisma Graphic?
“I enjoy the people I work with and the comfortable atmosphere at Prisma. It has been a great steady job; I have raised a family and put 2 kids through college while working here. Another aspect is the leadership at Prisma, they know how to manage and there are clear lines for communication.”

What do you look forward to most about coming to work every day? 
“Well surprisingly I would have to say the fact that there is always something new to work on; you would assume working somewhere for 30+ years would be repetitive but not the case for me.”

When did you first know that you wanted to work in the Print Industry?
“When it started paying! But in all seriousness I would have to say when I was a teen. My parents worked for a print company Care Trade and then I was interested and starting working at the same place.”

What would you like to be doing in the next 10 years? 
“I would just like to be healthy and my friends and family as well. I guess just enjoying life and being close with my family.”

How do you spend your free time outside of work?
“Well there’s not too much free time nowadays, but I like to go hunting and camping when I can. My wife and I also love dogs and spend a lot of time with the two of ours.”

Who inspired you?
“My wife is definitely the most inspiring person to me. She works so hard to take care of her parents who are getting up there in age. She is very patient with them and always has a positive outlook on things.”

What is your favorite vacation spot?
“When I do get out of Phoenix I like just heading up to Mormon Lake for a nice camping trip. It’s relaxing, just enjoying the weather and the great outdoors.”

Thank you Dave Johnson for your commitment to Prisma Graphic and congratulations on your 33 years here!

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BY PRISMAMarch 1, 2013

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