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Employee spotlight: Daren Bruncak

In this month’s employee spotlight we take you into the inner workings of Prisma Graphic’s technology department. Meet Daren Bruncak, one of the best information tech developers in the business.

Daren Brucak, Information Technology Developer

How Many Years Have You Worked at Prisma Graphic?
2 years

What are the responsibilities of Prisma Graphic’s Information Technology Developer?
I handle network and server security & maintenance, development and customer service.

How do you enhance the customer’s experience?
In the last 24 months that I have been employed with Prisma, we have been working tirelessly on improving our security, efficiency and application reliability.  We have implemented new security policies to address internal as well as external hazards and added new development policies to reduce application malfunctions.  In order to address physical security and reliability Prisma has contracted out a colocation facility with 100% uptime service level agreements, badge and retinal scan access to equipment, multiple Telco providers for network redundancy and extensive power backup systems to house our primary business application servers.  We have implemented physical security measures within our headquarters facility in Phoenix AZ to include badge access and video surveillance. We have also upgraded our server solution, hardware and software, to run VMware on multiple iSCSI storage arrays giving us expandability and encrypted replication between the sites to address off site backup and stay in line with our detailed Business Continuity Plan.


We are far from finished as we constantly evaluate procedures, threats and new technologies to address any potential service interruption or any type of security breach.

All of this is done with our customers in mind.  We want to provide the fastest, best, most secure, highest quality and most trusted service available in not only the print but marketing, mail house and fulfillment markets as well.

Most satisfying moment working at Prisma Graphic?
Every day is challenging and exciting here at Prisma.  There is such a vast range in our customer base as well as our deliverables that every situation that we can improve and beat our clients or our own expectations are the most satisfying moments.

What can you be found doing when not helping meet clients’ needs?
Camping, boating and anything else I can interactively do with my family.

Any last thoughts you want to leave everyone with?
Out of any company I have been employed, I have never seen the intensity, passion and raw determination of so many to provide the greatest customer satisfaction achievable.


Daren, thank you for your time. We appreciate everything you do to keep the Prisma Graphic on the leading edge of technology.

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BY PRISMASeptember 14, 2010

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