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Direct mail: Intelligent mail barcodes

The Intelligent Mail Barcode (IBM) is the next generation of USPS barcode technology. Barcodes have been used for years to sort and track letters and flats; the IBM is the future of direct mail campaign intelligence. This new Intelligent Mail Barcode provides end-to-end visibility by notifying marketers when mail pieces are accepted into the mail stream and can track all the way down to when each piece is out for delivery. All pieces entering the postal stream with IMB’s are also subject to higher automation postage discounts when all other requirements are met.


Using IBM’s allows you to refine action plans for higher lead generation. For example, now that the delivery of your direct mail campaign is predictable, you can schedule a well-timed secondary message using another communication channel, such as personal phone call or email. Having the ability to align multiple messages provides a huge advantage over a traditional direct mail campaign.

An additional benefit of using this new USPS technology is it provides automatic address corrections when necessary. First-Class mail address change service is now free, when the full-service Intelligent Mail Barcodes are utilized. This could mean a fairly significant savings through waste reduction for each and every undeliverable address.

New postal regulations and postal system enhancements can sometimes be confusing and under promoted; exactly why were are here. Prisma Graphic has direct marketing professionals available to assist you. We understand how to leverage new postal regulations to benefit your direct mail campaigns. If you have questions about using Intelligent Mail Barcodes on your next direct marketing campaign, or any general direct mail questions, please contact us

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BY PRISMAOctober 28, 2010

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