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Direct mail: Envelopes matter

At Prisma Graphic digital printing company, we enjoy making sure our products exceed client expectations, starting with our packaging.

When it comes to direct mail, we like to put our focus in the quality and detail from start to finish. What do most direct mail pieces have in common, yet make them so different? The envelope, of course.

Before a digital printing company delivers the final product to your client, there is a long, detailed process a piece of mail goes through. It must meet postal regulations to be delivered and pass the mail screening, before avoiding being tossed in the trash and be received/opened by your target audience. Although the process of having the mail piece delivered sounds complex, it all can be alleviated by creating a visually appealing and effective envelope, like those created at Prisma Graphic digital print company.

What do brick-and-mortar stores all have in common? They have windows, signage and displays of their new products right by the door, trying to entice people to come in. An envelope is very similar; you want a strong and enticing display of verbiage and graphics that make the recipient feel a need to open it and learn more.
Here are some brief tips that can aid in your goal of increasing mailer effectiveness:

  1. It’s crucial that you thoroughly know your audience. A great way to get to know your audience is by placing yourself in their position. In doing so, you can better evaluate the effectiveness of your approach, design, and vision.
  2. Know your competition. Take a look at the mail you receive on a daily basis, the design, color scheme and verbiage. What are they doing? Does the packaging make you want to read it?
  3. Venture into the elements that will make you stand out; color scheme, envelope size, catch phrases, and texture.
  4.  Persuade the viewer. An intriguing graphic, question, or embossed symbols are ways you can get the reader intrigued and to feel the need to open it.
  5. Talk with an expert. At Prisma we have print, graphics and envelope specialists who are ready to enlighten you in the art of direct mail, starting with the envelope.

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BY PRISMAFebruary 12, 2013

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