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Digital printing applications

When you hear digital printing, what comes to mind? Speed, Innovation? Quality? Many years ago digital printing was synonymous with color copying – the two disciplines couldn’t be further apart with the technology available today.

Digital printing in 2011 has become necessary for almost anyone involved in the purchase and distribution of print products. When document obsolescence is factored in, digital printing is now one of the more cost-effective ways to produce and procure some very high-quality, commercial printing.

Almost everyone in our business is familiar with using digital printing for short-run, full-color printing or for print-on-demand. Below are some other applications of digital printing you may want to consider in the near future.


Commonly referred to as VDP, Variable Data Printing is an essential tool when producing personalized, one-to-one direct marketing pieces. Data is merged with your graphic designs to develop highly-focused, segmented and targeted direct marketing campaigns, to help increase response.


Using large format printing (also known as Big Color Printing) is a great way to get your brand noticed. Typical large format printing items are banners, signs, menu boards and posters. Most often, big color projects are printed on a variety of mediums such as vinyl or a heavy gauge paper and can be laminated and mounted on foam board or gator board. Large format printing is great for trade show booths and signage, plus may be used in a backlight application for retail display menus.


In the past, if you wanted your printed material to have a dimensional feel you had two options: thermography or letterpress operations such as embossing, engraving or stamping. Today, digital printing is going to the next level with dimensional printing. The tactile effects available add texture to the piece, which gives a traditional two-dimension printed item a third dimension. The look and feel of any commercial printed piece helps grab attention, and this is an economical way to do just that.

Digital printing no longer means color copying. The three applications of digital printing mentioned above are perfect way to help your company’s marketing collateral or direct mail efforts stand out. We realize some of this may new. As always, Prisma Graphic is available to field questions or talk about what new digital printing applications fit your needs. Call 602 243-57777 today.

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BY PRISMAJanuary 25, 2011

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